All about MEE!

A new member of the family!

Well, After a week of desperate waiting, and even a few days of counting hours, we finally set off on our journey to collect Freya from the RSPCA at Ashford.

She seemed as beautiful as we’d remembered her and exceptionally friendly for a cat in as unfamiliar a place as a cat rescue centre.

After signing all the paperwork and putting her in her carry-cage, we walked out to the car to discover that Freya’s cute silence was just a ruse. She meowed loudly non stop for about 10 minutes, only pausing twice.

The first time she stopped meowing, (about 5 minutes into the 1 hr journey) I wondered what the rich smelling aroma was and looked over at her to see she’d dropped a handful(!) of poos on her brand-new cage-floor blanket! We stopped and I was so relieved to find a couple of tissues in the door pocket! Fortunately, they were firm and dry enough not to have made any real mess on the blanket. So I secretly disposed of the tissue-wrapped presents into a nearby bush, (Sorry Ashford council – it was an emergency!)

The second time she stopped mewing, (can you guess?) was to relieve herself. Now, you remember it was a brand-new blanket? Being brand-new, it wasn’t absorbent, as brand new material is… and luckily(?) it kind of just pooled in a fold of the blanket.

Do you remember I’d proudly found a couple of tissues, in the door pocket, earlier? right now, I needed those tissues again, and there weren’t any! but to cut a heart stopping moment short, we found some more tissues lying around on the floor of my not entirely tidy car.

So, with 2 out of 3 of her bodily functions fulfilled, we set off again.

The rest of the journey was pretty smooth, although her sweet meowing was beginning to make us anxious after 20 minutes, so Anna had the idea of putting a coat over her cage to make it darker, and less scarey for her. This really calmed her down, and she went pretty quiet for the rest of her journey.

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