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New Toy MkII

ok, so the back to front carpet idea didn’t work, and I thought about buying the proper scratch post sisal string, but the cheapest I could find it online was about £30, and that seemed too much.

cat with big ball of stringThen Anna and I were visiting a hop farm and they were selling hop string, £8 for about a mile of the stuff!

Later on, we spent an ecstatic 3 hours winding hop string round a heavy 2.4 meter fence post, but the good news is it looks great, and works EXACTLY as we wanted it to!

We can wedge treats into the gaps in the string at the top of the post, and Freya will climb up, without any aparent difficulty, and pull them out and then back down safely too.

We originally made the scratch post to give her a bit of a challenge to climb to the top, but seeing her climb up it’s just a joy to behold. She climbs up the post without any difficulty at all!

The video below doesn’t work, because Blogger won’t allow us to show it here, but if you want to see Freya running up her post, click here!

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3 comments to New Toy MkII

  • lani

    OMG I love that idea! I am going to share this with my husband and see if we can do something similar for Akiba.

    PS the photos are great.

  • Corrinne

    Wowee … me feels another visit to Wickes coming on 😉 Looks fab!

  • Freya's Staff

    I think, for an easy life, instead of wrapping it with sisal string, I’d try wrapping it with carpet, the right way round. It might turn out to be perfectly easy and I don’t think they’ll get their claws stuck in it either.