All about MEE!

Fast as Lightning!

Hi Everybody – It’s me Freya!

I’m fed up of daddycat talking for me, and making fun of my fancycats and making poor Hunky Harley embarassed!

(Hi Hunky Harley! )

Anyway, the other day, I was defending my family from this glittery thing, while mommacat kept taking pictures of me! How can I pose in all my beauty for her, while theres a glittery thing flying around that needs to be taken care of?

Anyway, here are mommacat’s photos, and actually I’m such a speedycat, I’m all fuzzy! Daddycat says he’ll try it next time with a faster “shutup speed” but I’ve no idea what that is? I won’t be as fast as me anyway!

By the way, you can click my pictures to biggify them too!

Do you know, I’m so fast, that sometimes I’ve turned round, and my bum doesn’t know I’ve turned?

Don’t I get into some funny positions?

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