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Strange behaviour!

In the last week Freya’s become very interested in the mirror.

I’ve heard of cats walking past a mirror and hissing at the cat in the mirror, but this seems different!

She seems completely uninterested in the cat in the mirror, but more strangely, seems very interested in other things around the room, especially US!

She’ll walk up to the mirror, and look into it, and then start yowling as she looks at us, and you can see in the pics that she’s looking straight at us.

It must be a bit puzzling for her, seeing us in front of her, AND behind her also!

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11 comments to Strange behaviour!

  • Cliff and Olivia

    Freya, don’t mind the humans. Mirrors are great. I use to sit in front of one for long periods of time admiring my mancatly self. But they are also very useful in peaking around corners and keeping an eye on the humans. And Olivia.


  • Elin!

    It is so funny Freya!

    smooches smooches for u!

  • Tristan and Crikey

    Maybe Freya is acting out a scene from Harry Potter. That mirror could be the Mirror of Erised:)

  • Daisy

    Freya, I’m with you. Mirrors are very puzzling.

  • The Island Cats

    You know, we don’t react much to mirrors at all…

  • Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Oh, it’s fun to watch da beans in da mirror, speshully if yoo can do it wifout dem seeing yoo. We also like to make sure our furs look good.

  • Baby Patches

    You is justs trying to tell them that this mirror thing needs to go aren’t you? Hahaha, or maybe you is saying to them looks at me and how beautiful I am.

    Did you gets my email? We are lookings forward to seeing your entry. I sent you momma’s yahoo address, let me knows if you didn’t get the email.

  • PinkynAsh

    Mirrors can be a lot of fun. Whether you are checking yourself out, or spying.

  • Cat with a garden

    Wow, Frey, that’s freaky stuff!

  • The kitties love mirrors! Do you think they know they are looking at themselves? Or at another cat? lol!

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