All about MEE!


My mommacat and daddycat left me! They went away for 4 days, because their daddycat’s cousin had gone to rainbow bridge.

Luckily for me, my neighbourfriend came and fed me, and even better, my likklebean friends, Elizabeth and William came and played with me for a WHOLE HOUR with my favourite toy, da bird! I was exhausted, but I love seeing them, as they have nearly as much energy as I do. Certainly loads more energy than my momacat and daddycat!

Anyway, I forgave my mommacat straight away, as she came with lots of cuddles, and gifts of stinky goodness!

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3 comments to Abandoned!

  • Daisy

    Oh Freya, that’s terrible! And I am very sorry that your daddycat’s cousin had to go to the Bridge.

  • crazykittykat1

    Sorry to hear about your family’s loss.

    We have spent weekends alone during the year. It can be a little frustrating, we all give some loud meows when our people come home and let them know we are not pleased.

  • Pinky Ash and Boo

    We’re sorry to hear about your family’s loss.

    It’s good to have neighbors who can help when people have to go for a couple of days.