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Farm Kittens

When my momma and daddycats were in oop northland, They stayed in a farm. They managed to talk about cats (they don’t talk about anything else!) and the farm lady said that she had some kittens! So they got taken into the barn where the kittens were, and go to cuddle them, as they were obviously missing MY cuddles!

I’m glad I’m not a farm kitten though, They get a lot of freedom, but not many cuddles, and they have to work for their living, catching mice and things. And I bet it gets cold outside too…

I’ll say a little purrrayer for them, I think.

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7 comments to Farm Kittens

  • Poppy Q

    Aww they are such cute little kitties. We hope they keep warm and healthy.

  • Reese =^..^=

    I love baby kitties!

  • Daisy

    What little cuties! But I agree with you, Freya; I would never trade cuddles for Outside freedom!

  • Elin

    Very cute…my sister said she wants the kitten..


  • Cat with a garden

    Some farm cats get well cared for. The impawtant thing is to neuter/spay them! Maybe the lady is one of the nice persons and cares for them. They are very, very cute kitten!
    We are sorry to hear about your familiar loss. Purrs…

  • Cliff and Olivia

    Our humans saw some kittens last weekend, but they were born the same night. These look a bit more grown up. So cute.

  • aninhas

    They are so lovely!!!

    hugs and kisses from kikos world