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I don’t like flying things

Daddycat found a little toy aeroplane, it was made of some sort of really tasty looking foamy stuff. Maybe chicken flavoured?

Knowing how athletic and bouncy I am, and how i hate any sort of flying things, silly daddycat thought he’d do a test flight, right above my head!

Now here’s the strange thing. I managed to easily pluck it out of the sky, and catch it, like the expert hunter cat that I am, but it didn’t put up much of a fight, and EVEN WORSE… It didn’t taste of chick-hen at all!

Who ever heard of a flying thing that doesn’t take of chick-hen? What’s the point of that??

Next time daddycat, could you check up on the taste of toys? catnip or chick-hen flavour are kinda important to me? At the very least meat flavour?

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9 comments to I don’t like flying things

  • Zoolatry

    Hi Freya… this is our first visit here & we're purrpleased to meet you! We don't much like flying things either… but things that roll along the floor can be lots of fun.
    Happy day, Happy Weekend… your
    friends, Maggy and Zoey.

  • Reese =^..^=

    You sure showed that aeroplane!

  • Daisy

    Oh Freya, you broked the flying thing!!! Too bad the taste was No Good.
    ~ Daisy

    Hey, Freya! I can jump real high, too! I am strong.
    ~ Harley

  • The Island Cats

    It didn’t even put up fight??? Kinda takes all the fun out of it!

  • aninhas

    Kiko thinks that plane will not upset you more :)
    your fur is so lovely 😛
    you look like a litle leopard ;P

    hugs and kisses from kikos world

  • Poppy Q

    That will teach your daddy.

  • Gandalf and Grayson

    You deaded that plane real good, Freya!

  • Evy

    Kill it! Such cheek!

  • Rufus Raves

    It’s always good to let the beans know who’s boss around here! Taking things down!!