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I gone and dun it again

Oh dear, I’m back in Daddycat’s bad books again…

This is Daddycat’s 4 year old Spathiphyllum plant that he loves. Sorta.

However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that every single… (I don’t think I missed any of them!) new shoot has been nibbled by brave and clever little Me!!

I wake up at the crack of dawn, when everybody’s asleep, and I check for any fresh vegetation, and NIPIT! before it has the chance to develop into a new shoot!

I only got caught when I forgot that daddycat was working early, and he glanced over and I was caught in the act, with my nose in the greenstuff. (a bit like British MPs at the moment!)

Of course he forgave me, cos I snuggled back into bed, and pretended to sleep. Who could stay angry with a face like this??

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9 comments to I gone and dun it again

  • Daisy

    Freya, you are a good gardener! I think you are supposed to prune back plants to help them grow even bigger.

  • Misha

    Blame it on bugs!

  • Baby Patches

    Oh noes! I don't sees how anyone could be or stay angry at a face likes dat!! hehehe you cute in da bed!

    My brofur luvs to eats plants and he was throwings up from it so momma & daddy had to reluctantly gets a scat mat. It worked though.

  • CCL Wendy

    Freya, Your daddy should be thankful that you did such a good trim job on his purrecious plant.

    You are much more impawtant and beautiful than any plant. You look so cute snuggled down under the covers, there.

  • The Island Cats

    Freya, it’s not your fault! If the plant is there…it must be nibbled on!


  • Poppy Q

    Mmmmmm looks tasty. Maybes you could buy him another one Freya?

  • Gandalf and Grayson

    What’s wrong with it? It looks purrfectly fine to us!

  • Whitey

    Thank you for your very kind words, Freya! I am trying very hard to be all better soon!

  • Keisha

    Wow. I hope it was tasty. :)