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Everybuddy can has a Ceiling Cat!

Tubbypaws has made a fantastic papercraft Ceiling cat! if you don’t know who Ceiling Cat is, he’s the cat that every cat looks up to.

Ceiling Cat

Ceiling Cat

Papercraft is where you take a sheet of car or paper, and fold it very cleverly to make a 3D object. A paper aeroplane is a papercraft model..

So here’s a papercraft Ceiling Cat!

Papercraft Ceiling Cat

Papercraft Ceiling Cat

I’ve made one, but it doesn’t look quite as good as this one, but it’s great when people come round, and do a double take at the cat poking it’s head through the ceiling!

So if you want to make one, here’s the link:

Tubbypaws papercraft Ceiling Cat

Happy folding, and don’t get glue in your fur!!


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