All about MEE!

Kitten season

I just had this striking revelation! I noticed, over at the cat blogosphere this morning, they had 4 cat birthdays today. in general, I think that’s a relatively high number in general. So I got to thinking, and had a look at the Cat Blogosphere Calendar and there reallyseems to be extra birthdays around the cat mating season!

You know, cats have a mating season…. I believe it’s around May to September, although that’s not to say kittens never happen outside more

The funniest video!

I don’t normally post other people’s videos, but whenI saw this, I just had to!

Can you imagine trying to stalk a bird in the middle of the road? With an audience too???

Stick with it to the end!



Where’s Freya?

So there I was, hiding away from everyone, counting mice flying over me, (and landing in my mouth), hidden away in the bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, when guess what…

Daddycat comes in with his camera again, and wakes me up, so I climb out of bed, but I’m still all sleepy and confused as I’d just been rudely woken up!

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I’m in trouble again!!

But it’s really not my fault!

While daddycat was out hunting and foraging for groceries and food for me, it seems he couldn’t find any of my usual cat litter.

Silly Daddycat! He thought he’d buy some nice smelling and bright white cat litter instead. what He didn;t realise, is that I REFUSE to use anything that’s not my usual litter, and especially not WHITE litter!

Can you imagine? What was he thinking?

Anyway, HE went out this morning on a hunting trip especially more

Welcome to the NEW blog!

Well, we finally did it – Daddycat’s been working day and night, (and neglecting my cuddles too) and finally finished MY blog. It belongs to ME, and everything is all miiine!!!

If there’s anything not working, of if something hasn’t been setup right, please let me know too!

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