All about MEE!

Welcome to the NEW blog!

Well, we finally did it – Daddycat’s been working day and night, (and neglecting my cuddles too) and finally finished MY blog. It belongs to ME, and everything is all miiine!!! :-)

If there’s anything not working, of if something hasn’t been setup right, please let me know too!

Please please subscribe, using the buttons on the right -> as I haven’t got any at the moment – I don’t know if it’s possible to change my subscribers to bring them with me, so you’ll have to subscribe here! Please don’t put it off, do it NOW!

As a reward, and only if you’ve subscribed :-) here’s a new video of me looking in the mirror.. Daddycat wrote about it a while ago here: Freya looks in the mirror

I MEOW really loudly too! Can your cats hear me? What do they do?

Purrs, headbutts and snuzzles,



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