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A serious moment

Hey Friends!

This is an urgent call for help! My mom and dad are abandoning me! They’re going away for 2 weeks to scotlandshire tomorrow, and they’re leaving me behind!

Bengal cat has serious expression

They did offer to take me with them, and drop me off with Grandma-cat, 4 hours drive away, but I declined, because I don’t like car journeys… The constant meowing makes me hoarse, and I’m quite a nervous cat, and prefer to stay at my home, where I’m safe, and can sleep soundly.

Luckily, my friend Elizabeth and her mom are going to move in and feed me, and I hope she looks after me as well as she did last time!

She’s very nice to me, but just in case, could all of my friends visit every morning, and drop off some chick-hen and salmon through the letterbox, just in case she’s forgotten and I’m starving?

Still, I’m going to have to work hard to keep blogging while they’re away..

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14 comments to A serious moment

  • They’re doing what! Abandoning you? We hope they’re coming back so you can return.

  • The best thing about kittysitters is the fact that you get super spoiled while the mommy and daddy are away!

  • This is terrible! Abandoning you? I can see your disappointment in your eyes Freya! Oh well, we wish your mommy and daddy a good vacation! Hang in there Freya!


  • I like staying at home when my mom leaves, too! Don’t take me to the kennel anymore! No Way!

  • We are glad you got a good friend that takes care of you!

  • Loki & Trevor

    Our mommy travels a lot for work (she claims it is to earn our kibble), and after awhile you get used to it….especially if you have really cool cat sitters who feed you extra treats! I am sure your sitter won’t forget to feed you. If we could, we’d send you some extra chick-hen just in case. But, we spent all our allowance on catnip.

    Loki & Trevor

  • Oh no! How could they abandon you for 2 whole weeks??? We’ll drop by for sure…maybe a pawty while they are gone is in order??

  • You are so smart that I just know you will figure out a way to manage the situation. It’s so nice to have a friend help you out with this. We’ll be thinking about you!!!

  • Oh noes! Two weeks? That is almost an eternity! I can see by your face that you are very worried, Freya. Harley and I will visit you to make sure you are okay!

  • We is sad that youz momma is going away but happy that some nice ‘beans is gonna take care of you. Make lots of noise all day so they will feed you treats to keep you quiet☺

  • Yay we are purring happy cats to meet another Bengal =^_^= thanks for visiting us~! Hope you have fun with your caretaker while your Mum is away!!

  • Hi there Freya, we hope you get spoilt rotten by the cat sitter while your beans are away. A fortnight is a furry long time, but I hope they have a great holiday!

    I’ve subscribed to your new home (conCATs on getting your own site BTW) and unsubscribed to your old one. I use Bloglines but was interested to read your post on Google Reader. Do you know if it works with Firefox?

    Love, Black Cat, Alfie and Simba :) xxx

  • Oh noes! Sorry to hears dat dey is leavings you for a whole two weeks! I will tries to gets one of those boogie mats out so I can comes drops off some nom nom salmon for you.


  • We are glad you got a good friend that takes care of you!