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Good luck charm.

I’ve read that when a cat is holding its leg up for normal cleaning, some people apparently think it’s good luck to grab the leg whilst it is in the air.

Bengal cat holds leg in the air

I can’t say it would be very good luck for you if you were to grab MY leg!! I have so many teeth and claws!

Have a great weekend!



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7 comments to Good luck charm.

  • Hope they don’t grab the leg and try to make a wish! Kitties are not wishbones!

  • You have very good form, Freya!

  • julie

    Oh but it’s oh so soft looking and tempting! I just love feeling kitty paws.

  • We missed your posts. Nanny and I were wondering if you and your Daddycat have gone on vacation. We don’t think your legs look like chicken legs…hum…maybe a little, but they look much nicer. The leg up “good luck charm” never heart about it.
    You see, when you come to visit you, we learn something new.
    We did not receive the cookie yet, so we cannot tell you if it is good. It’s always nice to hear from you Freya and wish you a nice weekend!


  • I had never heard that before. You do not have chicken legs. Turkey legs, maybe. Chicken legs, definitely not.

  • If any person grabbed my leg like that I would bite them. Honestly.

  • Mandy

    I heard when they lift their legs like this they are really summoning their mothership. And, since I’m convinced my cats are thought-controlling aliens, I’ll stick with that explanation.