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Home-made Perfect Litter Tray!

Daddycat’s had a stroke of genius, even if I do say so myself!

I’ve been a bit careless with my litter tray etiquette. Sometimes I stand at the back of the litterbox, and wee, and well, I’m afraid most of it goes on the wall, and then down under the carpet!

I’m sorry that I sometimes miss, but at least I always supervise the clean-up operation with a pretty face, and a spring in my step!

Anyway, Daddycat had an idea! He bought a big storage box, and cut half of it out, so if I do wee against the wall, it hits the box, and runs down! The front is cut away too, so I don’t have to do an impression of a high-jumper to pole-vault into my litter!

If this is helpful, please encourage me with a comment, and I’ll post more!

High sided cat litter tray-1High sided cat litter tray

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23 comments to Home-made Perfect Litter Tray!

  • Wow! That’s a great idea!

  • Your dad really is quite clever. I always manage to spill bits of litter all over the floor but no-one in my house is smart enough to come up with something that good.

  • What a great idea! We all miss the box sometimes!

  • T

    Oh Wow! How incredibly smart your dad is. I must remember this to share with all of our rescue friends that sometimes need a little help.

  • Loki & Trevor

    That’s a great idea – We’ve got to share that one with Grandma. One of our “uncles” does the same thing!

  • KC

    Wow, yours Daddy had a good idea, that is great. We need one of those too, but our Beans aren’t that clever. An they’d probably cut thems fingers off if they tried to make one. Hee hee.
    Love & Purrs,

  • Fantastic! Great idea, nanny always has to wash the wall. What did Daddycat use to cut the plastic?

    Loki and Nanny

  • Thanks Daddycat for the quick response!


  • Your daddy is brilliant!

  • julie

    Great idea! Especially for the male cats that want to spray.

  • Will

    What a Genius 😀
    Ive been needing something just like that, i need a corner tray, so it will be extra cutting for me 😉
    Real Great thinking !! !!
    And on behalf of the Cats… Miaow

  • Rachel

    This is such a good idea. How did you cut the box? My husband has just had a go using his jigsaw and made a complete mess of it. Any tips would be gratefully received. Thanks

    • When I cut the boxes, I used either a VERY sharp knife, making repeated cuts, or a handheld electric jigsaw might be a little fierce if its not held down firmly enough.

      The difficulty is the box’s flexibility, so anything you can do to reduce that will help.

      Good luck, and let us know how you get on!

  • kev

    brilliant idea will have go doing this thanks for sharing

  • Kate

    Ah! Our cat also likes to stand on the side of the tray if the litter isn’t spotless, she punishes our tardiness by peeing up the wall. This is a great idea, I feel a trip to B & Q coming on! Cheers

  • GreatIdea

    Love the idea…. just what I was looking for and on the cheap as well!

  • We’re going to give this a go. We “inherited” an older Bengal who has never in 18 months used his litter tray…. He seems to like walls and the bath so maybe it’s just that he needs a vertical surface.

  • Anne Wood

    Great idea, just what I’ve been wanting. Can’t seem to buy a “ready-made” one so will have to start cutting.

  • Hannah

    Wow brill idea, my elderly cat has arthritis in her back legs, still uses a tray but fires it over the side as she can’t squat! Going to make one of these this pm. Thank u for the idea :)

  • RedCyan1

    Thanks so very much for this super idea, my cats are terrified of the covered trays but for one, we have 8 cats. We have one cat who has had IBS from birth and can poop in an explosive fashion up to 30 times in a day, I have cancer so when it gets into the floor and walls it’s both dangerous to me ans well as giving me lots of work to do and shameful when others come into the house with the smell aftermath. Keeping extotic crabs I cannot even use air fresheners as it causes crabby deaths. I have worked out using magic tree car style air fresheners is safe away from the crabs as it doesn’t get into the air like a plug in or spray and creates a nice smell in a small area only- the litter tray area, now to stop the poop getting into the floor, your idea is perfect, I can lean up any side- hitting mess and the contents in the litter swiftly and cleanly and no one has o be scaref of a bitter box with hatch or lid- thank you so very very much, I may be able to rest more in a day now, to the box shop I go!! You were the first website I clicked too and have been awake since 5am cleaning up after my poor critter. Thank you!!!

  • trish

    That is a fantastic idea, my cat has scratched and ruined my wall paper by the cat litter box, I now have a solution.thankyou