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I got a flip camera!

Ok, well it’s not MY flip camera, I couldn’t hold it – I don’t have the opposable thumbs, but whenever Daddycat buys a new toy, he always uses it a lot. A Flip Camera is a very small video camera, that’s very easy to grab and film something quickly.

I think Daddycat wantes to be like Shaycarl and become a famous video blogger, but Idon’t think he’s funny enough.

So in the meantime, he’s going to be posting LOTS of short videos of me performing for you guys, I expect!

This shows day 2 of Daddycat’s obedience training. When I’ve had enough of running around andfeeling tired, I lie on my back, and he dangles a toy above me, so I can play with it lying down! Good Daddycat!

Thanks for watching!

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