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I think I’ve found daddycat’s private video collection!
Even worse, I think it IS *that* sort of video collection.. It seems that Daddycat has been to see Auntie Barbara, who’s a bit of an expert Abyssinian cat breeder. As he & mommacat were there, they were taken to see one of the girl-cat and man-cats there, who apparently, were meant to be “performing”….

I don’t know what sort of “performance” they were meant to see, but it definately wasn’t a song or a dance sort of performance!

Modesty forbids me from saying what they were doing, but afterwards, the mancat seemed very fond of the girl cat, but the girl cat really didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. How sad?

I know how important it is to be nice to each other for the sake of the kittens!

So anyway, I’ve edited it so it is safe for kittens to watch.. And at the end, there is a spotty Ocicat there, that they filmed because it was a wannabee Bengal! He’s very pretty though, but of course, not as pretty as me!…

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11 comments to I’m SHOCKED!

  • Uh, Freya, this says it is a private video so we can’t watch it.

  • We got the private video message too.

  • Thanks guys, I’ve fixed it now… Maybe I should have left it as private! :-)


  • Okay, we saw it this time. What a pretty kitty at the end (closeups). The enclosure is neat.

  • The mancat looked like he wanted to be very friendly with the ladycat. They are all lovely looking cats, but of course as you said, not as pretty as you.

  • Oh, we can just imagine the lies that mancat was telling the ladycat… “c’mon baby, you know I love ya…”

  • Oh my! Getting romantic doesn’t look quite as fun as I had imagined. But that enclosure? DO WANT!

    ps: Um, why were they visiting an Abyssinian breeder, anyway? Maybe just to see your aunt.

  • Interesting video. We are speechless!

  • Abyssinian Breeders Anonymous

    Dear Freya

    We’ve finally managed to connect to your blog – IE8 is a bit of a b** of a program. WHAT do you think you’re doing going through Daddycat’s private collection when he’s not there. You might just find videos of you that you wouldn’t want published! You, as an experienced mom yourself should remember what it’s all about. Auntie Barbara (AND Uncle Ron – who is a bit miffed that he was left out of the “experienced Abyssinian breeders” bit) are anyway quite chuffed to become YouTube voyeurs and are thinking of installing CCTV as they think it might be nice to pass on similar pictures to Mommacats and Daddycats of ladies who come to visit the handsome mancat!

    By the way, the ‘wannabee’ Bengal says SHE thinks she gave you enough evidence to prove that she IS a SHE and thinks that really, you’re a ‘wannabee’ Ocicat.

    Hope the midges aren’t biting your Mommacat and Daddycat too much and that you’re eating all your chick-hen like a good girl should. Perhaps they’ll bring you home some salmon!

    Love to you and your people

    Abyssinian breeders anonymous

  • I’m not sure I need to see all of this lovin’.

  • Wow what a great cat room! Is it available to rent by the hour? And are the mancats included? Just wondering ~ Marcy, Stevie, Junebug, and Krishna