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A cheeter is a naughty cat?

Mommacat & Dadcat went to a place yesterday, called Eagle Heights…  I know Eagles are birds, and I know that cats are meant to play with birds,  so maybe I’d like to chase and play with an Eagle?

Anyway, there is this cat there called a cheeter. Or is it a cheetah? Anyway, cheeters are not a true big cat as some people think, as they purr, and big cats don’t purr. Also, big cats roar, and cheeters don’t roar either. So lions and tigers roar but don’t purr, and cheeters and bengal cats purr, but don’t roar.

Bengal cats also have stripes at the side of their eyes, that are called cheetah stripes! So I’m just like a cheeter!

Bengal cat cheetah stripes

As usual, dadcat had a chat with the man at Eagle Heights and managed to get his camera in front of the barriers, and filmed this cheeter running after a rabbit! The rabbit was running at 50mph too! Some rabbit eh?

Here’s his video:

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