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An IMPORTANT call for support from cat owners.

Fellow kitties, I read a very sad news article today about a poor cat called Wilbur. It seems he was happily walking around outside, when he was caught and eaten by a neighbours “pet” python that was left outside unattended.shapeimage_2

It seems that legally, the neighbour has done nothing illegal, as pythons are NOT on the dangerous animals list, even though an adult python is capable of easily eating a person! Because the python isn’t venemous, it’s not legally considered dangerous, I feel this is an idiotic stance, as a python is a constrictor, and certainly doesn’t need venom to kill.

Even worse news, the UK government, in Autum (fall) 2009 is looking to relax the dangerous animals act, to make it EASIER to keep dangerous animals without a license.

So fellow kitties, I ask you to re-blog this, and re-tweet this, as we need to petition the UK government here to tell them how we feel.

Unfortunately, I believe this petition is only for UK subjects.

So let’s make poor Wilbur’s death count for something, and get the law thought about!

There’s more info at Wilbur’s website.


Let’s give poor Wilbur’s Momcat & Dadcat all the support and purrs we can!

If you can think of any way they can get more publicity, then please let Wilbur’s family know! They simply can’t do anything, and just lost their cat for no reason.

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