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I’m a Supermodel!!!

Following my incredible success the other day, modelling my new collar and tie, Daddycat thought he’d go one step further, and get me to model his cool new Kitty City Gazette T-shirt!

Unfortunately,  I wasn’t a very good model..

Well, Daddycat thinks that anyway, but I think I’m actually a very CLEVER model! I think Harley and Daisy have got it all WRONG!

Basically, I discovered quite quickly, that the more un-cooperative you are, the more treats you get! So everytime he got my head in the t-shirt, I’d stick my paw through as well, or back out again, or run off, and he’d offer me another treat!!

Clever me eh?

I won! (click to biggify the picture)

kitty city tshirt-1Daddycat gave up in the end! hahah!

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