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You remember we had a post a while ago, where dadcat took a video and filmed every cat at our local rescue home, FOAL Farm?

Well, we had a lovely email from their Bosscat, saying how much they enjoyed the film, and inviting Dadcat to go and meet some of them, and have a cup of coffee! After the coffee, he was taken to the isolation block, which is the place where the sick kitties go, and where the kittens go before they’re old enough to be adopted!

I don’t know why I’m sounding excited though, as I’m sure you KNOW, Dadcat can’t be trusted around kittens that need homes… so now he’s probably going to take momcat there, and they’re going to come home with a baby brother for me!!! I have no idea how I’ll react, but it may be worth lots of treats for as long as I can get away with it!

Of course, they’ll have a serious think about a baby brother first, as adopting kittens is a serious business, of course!

Bengal cat with pretend kittenDaddycat thinks this is going to happen when I get a baby brother.
Hmmmm, I wonder…..

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