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130 cats!

I can’t decide what to think about this video.

The Lady obviously loves cats… and it’s wonderful to see so many cats all in one go….. They seem to be all well fed…. and they appear healthy too… But it just seems weird.

But who would care for the kittehs if the mad cat lady didn’t?

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17 comments to 130 cats!

  • I saw this on tv, the only thing that worries me is that that lady is older and all those cats….one day they may have to find other homes and it will probably be because they just got found in the house instead of her finding homes beforehand…but at least she cares well for them, better than so people do one cat.

  • My goodness! That’s a lot of cats.

  • I hope sha makes arrangements for furever homes for them. I have been reading about the Lakewood 101 cats and it is worrisome to see so many with only one caretaker.

  • Interesting video and subject. Pet hording in as serious problem that has been linked to some mental health issues. I always joke that if I had the money and the room I would have hundreds of pets, but then if I was rich I could probably afford to pay people to look after them, which kind of defeats the object of having pets.

    It’s mainly the older generation that ‘rescue’ animals and things start of well enough, until age or illness means these people can no longer care effectively for their rescues. Sometimes things get into such a state that many of the animals have to be put down.

    But as you said, if she doesn’t look after the cats, who will?

  • Holy Mackerel that’s a lot of cats!!!

  • Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday. This was a hard post for the moth to do but one that had to be done. It was great getting to know you, I treasure all of those that I met while blogging. You all forever will be in my heart.
    Pray that I am safe and mooching off of someone else. Be sure to stop back tomorrow.

  • I saw that video a few times before too, and thought the sames things. It’s been out for a while so maybe things have changed for her by now…meaning cat lovers like us have come to her aid…maybe, hopefully…
    ~Lisa Co9T

  • mommacat

    When I lived and worked in Russia in the past, not many people had cats or could afford to look after them. So despite my concerns, I’m pleased to see someone who is passionate about looking after these cats. But do they all live in one room??!?!

  • That amount of animal hoarding is a mental illness and needs to be treated. It is people like this lady who give people who legitimately want to help animals a bad name. It is unhealthy for the cats and for the human.

  • They do look clean and well fed. But I don’t see how one person can possibly adequately care for that many cats! I would hate to see the litterbox situation.

  • Crikey, mum loves cats but to have so many and to just throw food into them all is not ideal surely.. Wow.. HUgs GJ xx

  • Having this many cats just doesn’t seem right whether you can afford it or not.

  • Whoa, well we can be thankful that at this very moment she is able to care for these animals. Somehow this could be a good Spay/Neuter ad.

  • You’ve asked the question rescuers worry about. What will happen to the animals if something happens to them.

  • My mum wonders how the house smells. I am sure she has the best of intentions, and bless her for feeding the kitties and giving them shelter, but it does seem crazy.

  • I know how hard it is to walk across my kitchen at 5:00 snack time – and I’ve only (“only”!) got 13 cats milling around impatiently. I can’t imagine 10 times that many cats waiting for their food!

  • Well we are pleased that the lady cares for the cats but it does wory us that so many live in what looks like a confined space. We can’t believe they like being so crammed in ~ and we can’t help wondering if the place smells with so many cats using litter ~ and cats have very sensitive noses.

    Plus ~ she isn’t young and we too worry about the future of those poor cats. Overall, we don’t think it’s a good ide to have so many cats.