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Kentish Cat Society 2009 Cat Show

Yesterday, Mummycat & Dady cat went to a at show! Unfortunately, they didn’t take me, as it would be unfair on all the other cats if I went and won everything. (That’s what they told me anyway.)

  1. There was one cat there that REALLY wanted to get out! He’d eaten his name badge twice through the bars already. I don’t think he was being mistreated or anything, as they’re very strict at cat shows, but he was very cute. I forgot to remember what cat he was… Does anyone know?
  2. Then there was a BIG Bengal boy, pacing from side to side in his cage… HE was HUGE.. and sooo hunk too! **swoon** He was an Imperial Grand Champion. That sounds ever so good!
  3. Finally, there was a Deven Rex cat there, like my friend Daisy. Daddycat asked her if she knew Daisy, as absolutely everone knows Daisy, but she just looked blankly back at him!


Yesterday, I forgot to mention, the treats that I was so politely eating, were actually the treats that my friend Felicia sent from the CatLadyDiary!

nom nom nom nom nom…. (‘m only polite when the camera’s on!)

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