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Embarrassing Names

My name’s Freya. It’s a very pretty and distinguished girls name.

Freyja was the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. Still appropriate, I feel….

She rode around on a chariot, pulled by kittehs! ok, not so much like me now…


This is a picture of Freya, and her kittie minions!

Joking aside, she doesn’t look that pretty to me – she has those weird ears on the side of her head, instead of on top, and she hasn’t got any whiskers, or even a tail! Her markings are very plain, and she hasn’t got any fur.

So from now on, I think I should be the REAL Freya.

Anyway. My problem is this. I’m offended that whenever someone does a search for my name, they’re bombarded with adverts for Human Bean BRAs!!!! I’m deeply offended. Don’t they know who I am???

I’m certainly NOT an item of ladybean’s rudie clothing.

I’ve even written them a nice letter explaining my problem, and asking them to please change their adverts to “Freya, (but not the beautiful spotty cat)”

I wonder if they’ll reply to me?

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