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What happens next….

This was sent to me by Auntie Barbara & Uncle Ron, the Abyssinian Breeders

(It’s not me, and I don’t think it’s one of their cats. I’m not even certain it’s a Bengal either, but for this article, I think we shall call the cat Freya?)


What happens next?

  1. ‘Freya’ falls in the bath
  2. Shark-fish jumps up and bites ‘Freya’
  3. The guy holding the camera falls in the bath
  4. ‘Freya’ becomes posessed, dives into the water, has a massive crash-tackle fight and catches the shark-fish, carries it to her food bowl and wants it to be cooked.



Have you decided?

1 Bengal Cat looks into water in bath2 Bengal Cat chases fish in bath water3 Bengal cat swipes at fish in bath4 Bengal cat bites fish under water5 Bengal cat grabs fish under water6 Bengal cat catches shark-fish under water7 Bengal Cat carries fish to food bowl8 Cook my fish

WOW! Bet you didn’t expect that!

I think it looks like a lynx or a bobcat, as the head is the wrong shape for a Bengal and the nose is too big, althouth it WISHES it was a Bengal with those spots!

The website says it’s a Civet, (maybe a traslation error) but it really doesn’t look like one to me!

Also, I think the fish is a Catfish, rather than a Shark fish, but Shark-fish sounds so much better!

I’ve done some research and I believe the owner of the pictures is (using google translate) but it’s in Russsian, so I can’t check much further…. Can you help?

EDIT: It’s a fishing cat. Did anyone guess right?

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