All about MEE!

My big sister has BAD BREATH!

So, I was happily minding my own business in MY room, when they bring in my big sister to say hello.

She jumps down and HISSES right in my face!! It was all I could do to keep myself from passing out from the bad breath!

I didn’t move or cry though, cos I’m a big strong ruffty-tuffty mancat….

Maybe she’ll want to play tomorrow? I wonder why she left the room? Maybe she went to get some toys to bring them back for both of us to play?

I’m sure she wouldn’t have run away because she’s SCARED of me?  I did give her one of my hardest Paddington stares when she was spitting in my face!

I want to be let out of this room.. I get lonely sometimes, and I want to explore! When Mom & Dad open the door, I run through their legs as fast as I can sometimes!

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