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My first meeting

Hello everybody!

Thank you for all your lovely welcomes yesterday! I thought I’d tell you about how I met my new mommacat and daddycat…

M&D got a call from the lovely people at Foal Farm Cat Rescue in Kent saying that they had one kitten available that suited what M&D were looking for… Young, Male and Confident. (that’s ME alright!) and he was a pale peach/ginger kitten.

So, the funny thing is, they were originally directed to room no.5, where there was a ginger kitten, but he seemed a little older than they expected. So they cuddled this kitten while they waited for one of the cat team to catch up with them.

Not me!

I saw them next door, but I couldn’t work out how I had people coming to see me, and yet there were people in the next room! And they kept looking at me through the window to my room, saying how pretty I was, and how they wished I was available….  I WAS!!!! but they were in the wrong room!!!

Luckily, the lovely Lisa turned up, and apologised profusely and explained that she meant to say room 6!

So they came next door, and met MEEE!!!

And the rest, as they say…. is going to be the future!! (why do they say “the rest is history”?)

Can’t wait to tell you about my big scaredy sister tomorrow!

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