All about MEE!

I’m back from the Vets!

Ok, so I get the joke. I wasn’t going to get TUTORED after all.

But I forgive you all. I was told to take it easy and sleep off the anaestetic when I got home, but to be honest there was so many important things I had to do when I got hom, I was fully alert and running around straight away!

At least I was, in the bits when my weird sissy-fur wasn’t sniffing me!

Honestly! A little curiosity is one thing, but her nose is permanently glued to my butt!

She’s WEIRD!



but I love her.

Thank you so much to all my dear friends who wished me well while I was at the Vets, and especially my Auntie KC when she mentioned me on the Cat Blogosphere! I’m a very lucky kitten to have such lovely friends!

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