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Say goodbye!

On Tuesday 27th, Little Kitten Teego is going to take his first big step to mancathood.

Say goodbye to these…

Aren’t they the CUTEST little balls of fluff you’ve ever seen? I wonder if they’re full of marshmallow fluff like his head?

We’ve been told to give him no food after his 6PM meal the night before, and to drop him off at the Vet’s in the morning. Of course we’re a little nervous because it’s surgery, but I’m pretty confident it’s routine surgery, and you have to trust the vet implicitly, other wise you just wouldn’t do it… would you?

Also, it’s totally the right thing to do. Much as I like the romantic idea of him fathering a litter of his very own kittens,  it’s just totally irresponsible, as there’s already more than enough kittens to go around.

I’m exited about taking him back to his original rescue home, and meeting all his original foster Moms, and I think they even read this blog from time to time.. (hello Foal Farm!!)

I wonder if they’ll remember he was originally called Pudding?

So, when he gets TUTORED, what can we expect? What will he be like for that evening with the anaesthetic? should we expect any behaviour changes?

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34 comments to Say goodbye!

  • KC

    I was worried when our three little mancats had to go for their surgeries… but the only change we noticed was that they stopped the spraying, which was great.
    The Cat Blogosphere will be sending Teego lots and lots of purrs on Tuesday. Keep us posted.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & Mom ML

  • KC

    What is the date of Teego’s “tutoring”? Is it this coming Tuesday? Or is it today, the 24th???? Let us know, please.

  • Good luck, Teego! You should be extra-smart after the tutoring!

  • It is a very minor type of surgery. My fisrt job was as a vet nurse and I saw lots of these done. He will be fine. Good luck Teego!!!

  • Awww good luck Teego!!!!

    It’s a quick thing, you may feel a little whoozy after but a few hours of rest and you should be right as rain!!

    Big, big purry hugs to you. I hope you get lots and lots of special treats after.

    Take care

  • Good luck Teego, I’ll be purring for you! Hope your humans get you extra treats with vitamins and lots of cuddles after this. *hugs*

  • My fosters never seem to even realize that anything happened to them. Teego might be a little woozy the first night, but after a little rest, he’ll be just fine!

  • Good luck with your tutoring!! We know you’ll do fine. You don’t need those balls of fluff anyway.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  • Best of luck Teego! I agree, there shouldn’t be any purrsonality change…he will just need a nice snooze!

  • It’s a very easy surgery! And I am glad that he’s not going to be able to make any kittiens, there are too many homeless ones!

  • We hope everything goes okay for Teego!! Don’t worry, he won’t even miss those little balls of fluff!

  • Oh, how mean can you be! Poor Teego! He’s not going to know what hit him. Next time to goes to wash himself, he may be a little confused.

    I’m sure he’ll be just fine. These days it’s a snap! (I don’t mean they snap them off, I mean it’s easy).

  • Nigel said that it was no big deal. When he came home he was woozy and a bit sore, but withing 24 hours he was fine. Just make sure little Teego has a comfy place to sleep it off.

    We will purr for him!

  • The little fella wll be fine.. Jasper had no ill effects except wanting to sleep.. I think it makes them a much better natured and happy cat.. Good luck.. Hugs GJ xx

  • I doubt he’ll miss them at all! None of our cats seemed to have any ill effects!

  • Val

    Only change I notced with when I took an older cat – about a year old. Immediately, he became less agressive to the other cats (males) in the house. He’s still the alpha kitty, but a lot nicer one.

  • Dushi got ‘fixed’ not long ago. When he got home he was still drowsy and crawled upstairs to a quiet spot in the bathroom. There he sat quietly for hours. I checked regularly, but he just sat and only late in the evening he decided to follow me down and catch up on eating and drinking.
    There were behaviour changes, but in a good way. Not so stressed any more by visiting cats in our garden or the smell of them when he got outside. He seems more carefree, kittenish and wants to play a lot more often.

  • I had that done too. What is a mancat supposed to do. Good luck Lad!

  • Goodbye lil pudding balls!

  • Kat

    Star buffs his claws and says, “Speaking on behalf of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, I have to say that this procedure doesn’t hurt. No, really, you won’t notice a thing. Okay, you just might notice it for a day or two while you’re pissing away any residual hormones. But that’s it. Then you feel much much better. Trust me. We all agree that being a Tim is much better than being a Tom. And don’t worry about it lessening your hunting or fighting skills. I can bring home a rabbit, no problem. And Thomas has held his own in every fight I’ve seen him in… sometimes using diplomacy but sometimes his own four paws.

    See? If another cat tells you that it’s okay…

  • Oh, poor Teego. I hope the operation goes smoothly!

  • Well, we didn’t notice any real changes in behavior or mood in any of the cats – our vet usually keeps them overnight or a couple days after the hoohaectomy (it depends – in our crazy house it is probably a good idea for it to be longer if they really need to rest). Anesthesia usually makes them pretty groggy so that they should rest for a while, but that could be different with other cats. It is actually easier on the boys then the girls, and so it should be just fine.

    I do wish it would make them a bit calmer – but I haven’t noticed that at all – but then again we do have a house full of other crazy cats to rile them up.

  • I took my little Bengal boy in for his teutoring in the day. I was expecting him to be all drowsy and cuddly while he was getting over his surgery but he was RUNNiNG all over the house like a mad thing as usual…I was looking forward to the cuddle time!!

  • Speedy slept for a few hours after he got home and of course filling his tummy again. Then he ran around with his sisters like nothing ever happened.

  • Sending Teego lots and lots of healing vibes for his surgery today!

  • Wishing you the best of luck, Teego. You’re going to come home lighter, ya know…

  • Teego, you won’t miss ’em one bit. Those furry nuts, cute as they are can cause a young mancat BIG trouble. So your Mum & Dad are right to get you tutored (hehe)

    When you come home, you might be a bit woozy, so if your Mum and Dad can set you up somehwere quiet and warm, lowered light is calming, that will help. Don’t offer food immediately, give you a few hours to settle, then offer small amounts of food. You should have your water bowl around too. If Freya is a bit stroppy about you smelling of the vet, then you’ll need Mum & Dad to keep her away from you for a little while. Some cats are up and about as soon as they get home too – just depends on their response to the anaesthetic.

    I don’t know if Teego and Freya are indoor/outdoor or 100% indoor cats, but if they go do go out, it’s a good idea to keep a cat in for 48hrs after any anaesthetic.

    Your personality won’t change as you being “tutored” at just the right age. All that will happen is that you won’t develop those rude tom cat habits.

    Best of luck little Teego!

    Whicky Wuudler

  • Good luck with your surgery, Teego. You’ll do just fine without those bits! Purrs and prayers.

  • Val

    Teego, I hope your tutoring went fine today and you are much smarter.

  • I hope all is well. You might want to check out this picture on the LOLSpot.

  • I am sure by now you are feeling much better. The anesthesia makes you groggy for a bit, but the procedure really does not take more than a “snip” of time.
    As good as you feel, try not to do those giant jumps, like off the refigerator, for a day or 2.

  • Hey Teego, are you feeling OK now? Just rest up and in a day or two you’ll be fine.

    All us guys go through losing our hoo-has and after a while you won’t even remember you had them!!

    George & Max

  • Ah, my poor Teego, I’m probably to late…I hope it was not too painful.

    Your friend without these…Ladycats still think, I’m hot!