All about MEE!

Yoga Practice

As one of the winners of The Kitty Yoga Competition 2009, I’ve been in training for this year, and also helping Titchy Teego with his excercises!

He’s certainly getting the hang of it, isn’t he?

After a hard few minutes training, it’s time to relax and recuperate.

A kitty that walked 15,000km!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, a friend sent me some pictures of a beautiful kitty that travelled from Miami, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina with a backpacking couple.

The kitty, called Kitty, rides in their backpack sometimes, and other times walks alongside them. She found them in Louisiana, and just started walking along with them!

Their website, is in French, so I don’t understand much of it, but it seems the cat walks alongside them, and when she senses danger, she jumps in the backpack! more



I’ve just checked through my old photos, and I’ve discovered that I have no neck! Everyone else has one, it’s the bit between your shoulders and your head, but if you look at my photos, you’ll notice that  my head looks like it’s joined directly to my shoulders!

What does this mean? Daddycat thinks it’s funny, and says that it’s proof that I’m a pin-head! What does that mean?

Take a look at the pictures, and see what you think?

And especially, a more

Controversy. Clay litter might be ok?

Science Freya here.

I’m afraid that this may be a little controversial, and I really don’t want to offend anyone.

I’ve noticed a lot of talk recently about Cats Against Clay, and it struck me as a bit strange that this perfectly natural product is so harmful.

During the course of my snooping, I noticed that the cats against clay website is actually run by Natures Earth Products. You can see this in the tiny writing at the bottom of every page of more

Another Anteego (Antique) for me to inspect!

Today, I will be demonstrating Mommacat’s Antique dolls cot.

It’s just about the perfect size for me! Isn’t she thoughtful to keep buying me these lovely toys?

We’ve been squabbling recently over the radiator bed because Freya always thinks it’s HERS and won’t let me snuggle with her.

So now I have my VERY OWN comfy bed, we won’t have to fight.



uh-oh… did I speak too soon?