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Cat TV Programme alert!

I’ve just popped up here with my big brother to tell you all that I’ve just heard on the Vicky Halls cat newsletter, that there’s going to be a cat documentary series starting this weekend on UK Animal Planet!

It’s called The Cats of Claw Hill and this is what it says about the first episode:

Ever wondered what your feline friends get up to when you are not at home? Cats of Claw Hill offers an unprecedented insight into the secret lives of cats.

There’s more info here: Movie TV Episode Database and here: Animal Planet

It looks really interesting, and cats never get good TV progs made about them! And especially good is my friend Vicky Halls is in the last episode, talking about the cats’ behaviour.

If you haven’t heard of her, Vicky Halls is a Sunday Times bestselling author, and the most famous cat behaviour expert in the UK. I think she just finished her 5th book!

Unfortunately for all of you in Americaland, it’s not being shown there yet, but I’m sure it will come, if it hasn’t already!

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