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Cats of Claw Hill Review

We watched a new Cat-related documentary this weekend, called The Cats Of Claw Hill. We were very excited to watch it when we heard about it, as cat programmes are pretty rare on UK TV. It’s on again Saturday at 4:00 and 4:30 June 19th and 26th. Cats of Claw Hill

Oh, and one other thing – please leave a comment below and let me know what YOU thought of the programme?

(sorry about the quality of the stills, I had to photograph my TV!)

It was an unusual format, as the TV writeup suggests a documentary format, but it was actully shown from a Cat’s eye point of view. The narrator was aparently a cat herself, and spoke about human beans as “two leggers”. It was kind of light hearted, which suited the cat’s commentary, but I’m unsure if that was a good thing. Maybe I’m just too mature, but I’d have preferred a serious cat behaviourist commenting rather than a voiceover pretending to be a cat, as it forced the program to be light, and avoid any REAL insight into the behaviour.

On a positive note, the footage they have is incredible! They have lots of footage from the cat’s low-down position, and an incredible variety of behaviour filmed, my favourite (so far) being one cat coming round a corner, and spotting another more dominant cat suddenly as he got there. He then sloped off, with his tail low before the other cat chased him away.

I noticed that most of the cats have some sort of tape on their collars, and I guess they were fitted with the Loc8or cat tracking device? That would explain how they managed to get such great footage!

Overall, We will certainly watch it again, as it captures some fantastic behaviour and amazing photography, and maybe we’ll warm to the voiceover style as time goes by…

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52 comments to Cats of Claw Hill Review

  • Oh wow!! Sounds like fun – thanks for the link – will check it out now!
    Take care

  • I hope they show it in Australia!

  • I wish they would show it where I live!

  • Sounds like a very interesting program!

  • Thanks for the review, since we can’t get it over here in the U.S. I was wondering how is was and what it was like!

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Cat documentaries are rare here too, in Canada. Like you, I would have preferred something more educational, but perhaps speaking as a cat appeals to the general masses, and so makes it more watch-able, particularly for the average viewer.

  • Wow! What a fascinating movie it sounds like!

  • Oh man we dont have that here! I hope they play it here that would be really neato!

  • Sounds like a great show. Too bad we don’t get it here!

  • W hope it comes to the US! We would like to see it!

  • Cool! I hope we get to see it here in Oregon someday!

  • We hope this makes it to the US!! Most times UK programs do!!

  • TK

    Hi Freya. We is new to your sites. (We finds you on Brian’s favorite list.)
    We is very happy to gets to meet you. We will follows you and looks forward to reading your back-posts.

  • Chris A

    Would have been great if we had seen the whole series, for some reason got programmes 1 -4 but then the programming went wonky and we have never seen the rest of the series. I live in London, do not know about the rest of the country.

  • Michiel

    Here in The Netherlands Discovery is showing it too. For the cat-nuts there is little new about the behaviour of cats, but for the cat-newbies it may give useful insights in how the world may look from a cat’s point of view, since I haven’t had seen or heard any buttock-clenching errors. And the footage is just lovely to watch if You have any liking for our feline citizens.

  • theaustriancats

    we get it here in austria in german translation, it’s called “katzen allein zu haus” and we love it.

  • Katrin

    This cat series is so interesting and educating as well. I can understand cats much better now. Seen that in Animal Planet channel. Hope they continue to do it, as well as many new programs about domestic cats. I am watching Animal Planet and Discovey every day, you cas see all about lions, elephants etc, but nothing about domestic cats. There are shamfully few programs about cats. And we are millions of cat lovers in the world, we want to see and know more about them!!!

  • Hi
    Have anyone details about “tracklist” this series?
    Which was the firs, second… the last ?


  • Wendy Pearl

    I have a kitten called Binksey and he just could not take his eyes of the t.v. screen when the Cats of Claw Hill were on. I enjoyed it as well. When is it coming back?

    • gregor

      i live in claw hill[thornhill acutly] where it was made no sings of a second. and it took over a year from the start of filming to the t.v.

  • Wagga

    My twolegger accidentally saw one episode. I watched with her. She laughed at me when I stepped back when the big cat entered through the catflap. Despite the fact that I do not like being laughed at I really liked the show (I normally do not watch television)

  • engel

    I loved the series and was wondering if there is a DVD I can buy. I’m from Amsterdam but going to London in December so perhaps there is a store where i can buy it?

  • Paul Hatch

    My Jack Russell goes mental watching this on a 47in TV
    Giant cats that dont run away lol

  • Marilyn Meerkat

    Being very new to ‘Cats of Claw Hill’ I find it a great programme–Even my two cats ‘Boris and Nigel’ are interested!!! I record it as its on about 4am on Animal Planet– Keep up with more !! Love and Mews– Marilyn, Boris Nigel and Missy x

  • kerry kat

    hi just watched cats of claw hill, brill prog so glad to have seen it, also melvin my cat likes to sit and watch to.x

  • Guinness

    Really enjoying watching Cats of Claw Hill together with my cat Guinness, she goes up to the TV screen and touches it with her paw :-}Thanks for a great series

  • Ron

    A documentary? It;s a soap

  • Yana

    From where can I download this movie?

  • Minna Haim

    Jeg elsker dette program,det er hyggeligt at se på og det er sjovt at men prøver at sætte os ind i en kat tankegang kunne godt bruge flerte af sådan programer M.V.H. Minna Haim Danmark

  • gregor

    I im the 2 legged that owns smokey joe at 22 shes that badist of them all. and by the way its atuly filmed in thornhill where i live

  • Puss-Puss

    My human lets me watch this and it’s great!

  • LeeRoy

    Love the programme. Does anyone know where the location is?

  • Sue the cat

    Pity they dont bring it out on DVD – am sure it would sell well

  • great little programme, very laid back just like the cats.

  • hi me old cat tigger love to wach cat cl hill all thetime on tv .got bad new to tell yous all we had to put tigger to sleep est in pace baby girl tigge we all missin you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rob

    I love cats and this was so funny, necessary and relaxing..
    More please.

  • we really love watching ur programme it amazing what our pets get up to behind our backs its a most entertaining documentary even our jack russell deedee sits and watches dog breath ite exactly like her keep up the good filming xx

  • as my wife has stated the most obvious details of your show there is not much i can add apart from as well as our jack russell watching your show we have 2cats our tom cat is 10yrs old and really so laid back with life he is called reecko then there;s cleo she is 8yrs old and very nervous we got her from an animal sanctuary even after all the years weve had her she still timid so whoever had her before that must have been really cruel to her and she still remembers this you have to let her come to you in her own time so we all enjoy your show keep it going

  • Tania

    We absolutely love the programme. Everything about it is great.
    I love the narrator, the cats are adorable and must say our cats seems to
    like too :-) keep the lovely programme.

  • Dana

    Hi ! We simply loved the show !It has humour,drama,it’s relaxing.Our cat Felix (who doesn’t like watching tv that much )would stay and watch the entire episodes which amazed us.I would really love to buy the DVD if there was out.

  • sally rimmer

    TOTTALY SICKENING! They slimbag producers put down a plate of bird seeds on the ground in the grass and then set the cat upon the birds till it KILLED ONE. Sorry I am a pro photographer, I know when a shot is set up. I am digusted THIS IS ANIMAL ABUSE. If that wasn;t bad enough at one point some breeder lets about 15 dogs out of their shed, so it that where they all live in a tiny shed whilst the breeder fills their bank accounts and put more and more pets in the pound FACT 1 in 10 dogs find a home.. the rest get PUT TO SLEE. Regarding the cat killing a bird yes it happens but killing one for the entertainment of the viewers is vile. If you had seen the documentary you would have seen how set up it was. I will be posting my views and a petition about this on facebook. KILLING BIRDS / ANIMALS FOR TV RATINGS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • Freya

    Hello! I just watched this a few moments ago and thought it was adorable, funny and smart. Very simply made, but also a well thought out programme – keeping track of cats is no easy task! I loved the humorous aspects, but agree that some more in depth behavioural analysis would have been good – still there was a simple reasoning given for the way the cats were acting. I thought biting Brian and his lack of a meow was very touching too. I’m sitting here with my moggie Louis who was totally glued to the screen with me, though I think he was more wary of other cats in the living room!

    By the way, I share a name with your cat 😀

  • June Wilson

    I watched this programme for the first time a couple of days ago and thought it was brilliant, so funny and the cats are adorable especially Maurice, what a character. Looking forward to more.

  • Annetta

    Fantastic programme. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  • ward

    This is for everyone who shares his territory with a cat and still thinks that he’s the one in charge…when we watch the programme together my cat is looking at me like “now you know what the real world is like…”

  • Does somebody of you know when the actual season was filmed? Animal Planet Germany shows only reviews of the 7th season since the last 3 months. Since one month it startet even twice and the staff of Animal Planet Germany has written to me that they wouldn’t know when they get a new season. That’s pedicilous. Thank your for your information in advance.

  • andy osullivan

    hi guys, just seen this post i was the camera man on the series, it was such a pleasure to film it