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A very sad story

Furrends, I wanted to let you know about a terribly sad story that I read on a friends blog a while ago.

It’s about four cats, that all went mising on the same day! Hiro, Possum, Coffee and Coconut were all around and accounted for during lunch, and didn’t reappear for dinner! I think we’ve all experienced cats that stay out past their dinner occasionally, but when all four cats don’t come back, you’d have to feel a little strange.

clockwise - Hiro Nakamura, Possum, Coconut & Coffee

It’s now been 11 days, and as far as I know, the four cats haven’t been back.

I know how I felt when my Auntie Scampie died, but to lose FOUR Cats in one go? I would be beside myself! When your cat dies, at least you know what’s happened to them, but for four of them to dissapear without any clue would be just devastating!

So today, I’d like to ask people to visit and to give them some support, because they must be going through a dreadfully hard time now.

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