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Teego’s been to the V-E-T!

I know we haven’t posted for a while, but that’s just because Daddycat’s so lazy, It’s not because I’ve been ill or anything.

This morning, Mommacat noticed I had a lump on my bottom lip, but it didn’t bother me or anything, cos I’m a manly tough boycat. So they decided to leave it for a day and see if it went away.

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By this evening, it still hadn’t gone down, so Mommacat & Daddycat decided to take me to the vet. I’ve only been to the vet once before, and they stole my boy-bits! Anyway, I was very nervous as we were in the waiting room, and I might have trembled a little bit!

scared cat in basket at vets

Anyway, the Vet called me in, and I was really surprised! She was a lady Vet! Of course, being a boycat, I turned on my charm, and let her move me around and poke me in the mouth, and I didn’t make a squeak!  She was very nice Vet and was called Kate Panek-Kaminska from Anderson Veterinary Group so any nervous cats in Orpington can see her and feel happy.

Cat has lump on bottom lipShe said she wondered if it might be “fatty chin” (has anyone heard of that?) which might be a bit serious, but thought it would be best to treat it as a deep skin infection first with antibiotics and anti-inflammatry stuff, and if it didn’t clear up in a few days, then she’d have a more serious look at it.

I think I deserve some sympathy and treets, don’t you?

Wait! What’s she doing in that cupboard of syringes????

Update – Teego’s fine.

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