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The V-E-T doesn’t like my tooths!

Mommacat & Daddycat have been worried about me for a few weeks now, as I keep acting like I have something stuck  in my teeth at the side of my mouth. Then recently, I’ve become a little more cranky with Teego (can you blame me?) and I’m afraid I’ve been hissing and growling when I get picked up too! They couldn’t ignore it any longer, so we went to see the nice man at Anderson’s Vets in Orpington. It was another new person that we haven’t seen before, and he was lovely too!

We’re really happy with this new Vets, as we’ve been to two others locally, and at one vet, the reception staff looked up at you as if you were interrupting them reading their magazine, and the other one was just indifferent about us BEEYOOTIFUL animals at best, and didn’t really seem passionate about animals.

So now, we’ve met 3 vets at this new place, and all of them seem to have a lovely way with me and my brofur, and always saying how lovely we are!

I have lovely tooths, and I don't want to lose any of them!

So, last night, Jessie the nice VET had a look all over me, and couldn’t really find anything wrong with me. He poked at my tummy, and put the listening thing on my chest, and said I seemed healthy. Then he looked in my mouth, and said he thought that one of my molar tooths was a bit bad, and it might need to come out!!

WHA???  I’m only a very young 7 years old!!! Anyway, that was a bit of a shock to my Mommacat & Daddycat, as it means a general anaesthetic, but it should be ok, as I’m very healthy and strong! In the meantime, he gave me some Metacam to help with any inflammation from my bad tooth, and even better…. It means that Titchy Teego isn’t allowed to steal my dinner, as it’s got my medicine in it!

I hope they don’t shave me too, like they did to my friend Ginger Jasper!

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23 comments to The V-E-T doesn’t like my tooths!

  • Oh Freya, I’m sorry you got a hurty tooth! I hope you feel better soon!

  • We’re sorry about your tooth, but you’ll be fine, really! Nicki lost 8 teeth a year ago this past November and he was only 3 at the time, and Derry had 9 teeth extracted in June — he has no molars now at all and he’s only 3 years old now! He swallows the little bit of kibble our mom gives us, and eats canned food. Both boys are doing fine.

    We’re sending you lots of purrs, that you get this over and done with quickly!

  • Old Kitty

    Me and Charlie so understand the importance of finding a really good vets and are glad that you’ve got good ones now!! Awwwwww we hope you are feeling better with your meds lovely Freya!! If you do have your tooth out we hope that you won’t also be given a haircut like poor sweet GJ! That was such a shock! Take care

  • Hi Freya! Oh that stinks about them wanting to take your tooth! Kirzon has some teeth stolen a few years ago too. He hated it but has been ok with it (he has kinda bad teeth and gums anyway, but the missing tooth didn’t slow down his eating at all). We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers to feel better with the medicine until you have your tooth pulled and then for the actual pulling too – and we know after that you will feel a lot better!

  • Don’t worry, Freya, I think they only shave floofy kitties like GJ! The tooth, on the other hand, I’m afraid will have to come out.

  • Dont be scared my friend you will be fine. I was scared when I went last week and I was ok and my teeth dont hurt anymore. I laughed when I saw you last little comment. I hope they dont shave you either.. But you have lovely silky furs and mine were long and because I was not well and wouldnt let mum brush me…. I will let them brush me now when it grows… You will be fine my friend.. Love GJ xx

  • Freya
    We are sorry that you have to have your toof out.
    But if it will make you feel better, it’s worth it.

    We will be purrin for you.

  • A hurty tooth is no fun. We hope the meds help it/

  • Kiefer


    Don’t worrys – I had two toofs out a few months ago. My molar was dissolving – it was icky. It hurtz but I did not let my Mom know. I also had brokz my toof underneath the mola. It was no problem and I’m only 6 yearz old. I came home and atz lots cuz I was HUNGRY. It felt really good after.


  • That’s rough Freya…but I don’t think they’ll shave you!!!

  • We’re sorry about your toof, Freya. But maybe when it’s gone, you’ll start feeling better.

  • Erika, Ben-Bruno, Cookie & Lexi

    I like your photo Freya. Try not to worry, when the tooth is removed you will feel much better very quickly. I don’t think they will have to shave you like Ginger Jasper – he did look funny! We are glad that you have found a nice vet too. ps: we are now 3 Bengals, we now have Lexi who is Ben-Bruno’s sister, a 13 month old silver Bengal :)

  • Oh Freya, I’m so sorry. You can come hide here if you need to.

  • Freya, there is an award for you on my blog today!

  • We are sorry your tooth is hurting, Freya. We hope the meds are helping with the inflammation, and that you feel much better once it is removed.

  • Oh my poor Freya, I hope that you’re okay. Stopping by to wish you both a very happy Christmas. I have missed you and your little brother ( He’s quite big now!) so much!

  • Freya, So sorry about your tooth. We are thinking about you and wish you a very happy Felidae Whiskermas!

  • Kitties, I hope you had a good Christmas, even with a sick tooth.

  • I hope your owie tooth feels better very soon. :(

  • We don’t blame you for wanting to keep your teeth, Freya. We hope the med helps so you feel better.

    Happy Gotcha Day to Teego.

  • Happy Gotcha Day Teego.
    We hope your tooth is feeling better now Freya.

  • We wish you a happy Gotcha Day Teego and here’s to many more. Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx
    ps hope your toofy is betterer Freya