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Photos of my teeth operation!

Today I had an operation to remove some bad teeth that my vet had spotted. Daddycat asked if she could take some  pictures, and SHE SAID YES!!

So these are the photos that Kate Panek-Kaminska from Anderson Veterinary Group took while she did such wonderful surgery on my bad tooths.

(You can click them to make them bigger)

This is when I was woozy on the pre-med before the operation.

This is what my tooths looked like before the operation!
I guess that’s why Daddycat called me fish-breath?

This is Kate stealing my teeth! She said that one of them was so loose, it came out in  her hand!

I’ve no idea what’s happening here! :-)

This me getting pampered, and stroked and cuddled. Or something.

And these are my gleaming beautiful new teeth!

So this is a big thank you to Kate for taking the photos. They’re very interesting to see what actually happens in the surgery!

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