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Dumbest company of the month award goes to….

Pet Travel

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

If you want to see the offending advert, go to their website and search for “Pet Carrier For Small Animals” I won’t link to them or it, as that will boost their search ratings.



A cat carrier should have room for a cat to stand up and walk around freely. Bizzarely, The blurb for this product says it’s for rabbits, hamsters and turtles.


I’m appalled that someone might see the picture and buy it for their cat, in spite of the obvious cruelty it would cause a cat.

I despair of some people’s lack of common sense sometimes.

I’ve written a scathing review and it’s under moderation, but hopefully, someone at the company will see it and remove it.


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13 comments to Dumbest company of the month award goes to….

  • That is terrible. No one should ever put a cat in a carrier that small!

  • Yes, that is pretty dumb!

  • The first time I looked at that photo, I thought to myself, “What an ugly cat bed!” I can’t believe that company would use that photo! It is totally the wrong size for cat travel, and people who are uninformed about kitty needs could easily make a terrible mistake in buying it for their cat! They need to switch out that picture pronto!

  • That’s AWFUL!!! I would hope most cat owners would use their common sense in this case!

  • you are sooo right! Not to mention there are barely enough holes for the poor animals to breathe!

    Glad you contacted them, I certainly wouldn’t trust them to keep my cat comfortable!

  • Some people are just stupid.

  • That is just horrible! Thank you for writing a negative review … hopefully, they take notice and change that picture.

  • Obviously, the person who created this, doesn’t know or love cats. I would never, ever buy this, looks like a cat torture box. Grrrr…..

  • Glad to hear the Teego is OK again. This carrier looks kindof dark even for a small pet.

  • Ok, I have to say that is just insane. Other than keeping the top off and using it as a really weird cat bed that just doesn’t make sense to have a cat near it. Is there any chance it is just a weird, bad shot and it is taller than it looks (like the bottom is short and the top is really tall)? It doesn’t seem that could be the case, but right now that is the only thing I can think of that could explain it, but honestly the second picture seems to show them the same size. I feel guilty using the sizes I do and they are all tall enough for a cat to walk in (I tend to get slightly larger since I had Floyd, who was a big 25 lb boy – most cat carriers are too small for a cat that size, and so I want to be prepared in case we ever have a big guy again) and probably even have 2 cats in (with 2 kittens in them they could have held at least 2 more if we wanted to).

    Sorry, I am rambling – I just don’t get that kind of thinking in the ad.

  • Good for you for speaking up. They really should not have pictured a cat in the carrier since it is obviously not for a cat.

    We came by to wish you a Happy Gotcha Day, Freya.

  • Jason Grant

    I appreciate the feedback and the award.

    The description on our site states that it is recommended for smaller pets (turtles, small rodents, rabbits, etc.) I would certainly not recommend to a customer to stick their fully grown feline or canine in there. I am going to upload another photo as it was provided to us by the manufacturer, PetMate. Which, I agree, as being misleading and definitely not a recommended use for this carrier.

    One thing I would like to note however. The size of this carrier, 17″ x 12″ x 8″, is the general underseat size requirement for a number of airlines. So even if you had a larger soft carrier, the pet would need to fit in roughly this amount of space. It’s not ideal, believe me, but this is what some airlines require.

    Happy Travels.