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Teego is fully recovered and home!!!

This afternoon we got the best call ever from Jesse Davicioni, from our favourite Vets! He’d got the results from Teego’s blood test, and EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

For the experts out there, these were the interesting results:

BUN-V was 7.5, and the normal range is 3.6 – 10.7

Creatin-V was 74, and the normal range is 27 – 186

The only other interesting result was Teego’s blood glucose was 16.9, and the normal range is 3.9 – 8.3, but he said that it was quite explainable because of Teego’s stress, so he wasn’t overly concerned.

It looks a little bit greusome, as he pulled his bandages off this morning, and his catheter too, but it just looks bad.

He has a bald spot for the catheter on his front leg, and also one on his neck where they stole some of his blood…

A soon as he arrived home, Freya walked straight up to him and hissed in his face from about 2 inches.  Funnily enough, she didn’t back it up with anything, and he just looked back at her and then walked off.

Freya followed in the only way she knew how! Dirty girl!!!!

He had a little walk around, and then we made a comfy nest on my bed for him, and he curled up and relaxed and licked his leg a little.

He seems absolutley fine, if a bit subdued, but he’s definately glad to be home and he’s eaten a small meal of his favourite Whiskas Chicken too. Apparently he hardly ate anything at the vet’s despite them trying about 5 different foods for him! How pampered was he??? :-)

Finally, Teego has a bit of a comedy giant paw too, as there was a very minor accident at the Vets where someone had bandaged his leg a little too tight and it had swollen up a little, but luckily Jesse spotted that and the swelling will go down shortly.


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40 comments to Teego is fully recovered and home!!!

  • Fuzzy Tales

    We are very glad to read Teego’s home and doing well! Purrs for a speedy recovery from his stay at the “spa.”k

  • Martin


    Well done Mr Teego!!

    You handsome orange furry purry thing!!!

  • Oh Teego, I am so relieved and happy that you are okay! We were so worried about you!

  • I am so glad you are home and doing better Teego!!!

  • Patti

    The girls and I are SO happy. We’ve been checking every hour for an update!!! Olive had bald spots on her neck, both front legs, and the inside of her thigh from where they were poking her. Noodle just had one shaved leg, although she too had the “big foot” for a bit. Having made it through a lily eating experience with my girls, I know how scared you all were and how guilty you must have felt — as I STILL feel guilty. All’s well that ends well — and lessons learned. After a week, then I think it will be OK to laugh at how silly Teego looked with the yellow lips!!! Again, so happy for you all!!!
    Patti, Noodle & Olive

  • We are so happy he is doing well!!!! Awww poor baby with that shaved leg! Lots of kisses!!!!!
    Am sure Freya was just hissing at the vet smell! not at sweet Teego!

  • Hurray! Welcome home, Teego!!!

  • Kristin Gary and furry babies

    Yay, Teego! Welcome home, sweet boy. Hope “giant paw” is back to normal soon. Purrs to you and Freya.

  • Stephanie

    What a happy ending. I don’t allow any plants or flowers, all my felines have hankerings for colorful greens…

  • We are so happy that you are home and doing great, Teego!

  • We are happy to hear you are back home Teego and that everything is all right.

  • We are so glad you are home,and that giant paw is silly…get well soon baby!

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  • Old Kitty

    Awwwww little Teego!! Me and Charlie are so happy you are now home!! You must rest and take things easy and eat lots and sleep lots too!! Yay!!!!

    Awww gorgeous Freya is absolutely delighted to see you!!!

    Take care and welcome home, you brave, brave sweet kitty!! xx

  • Brenda

    Pleased to hear that Teego is back where he belongs. We couldn’t have the Chairman of OVFM upset about his cat now could we?

  • Yay! We’re so happy Teego is home and he is okay!!

  • Seeing that Teego is home now has made me so happy! What a relief that his little dietary experiment did not do any permanent damage.

  • Yay! Teego! We’re glad you are home and back in form (except for the paw as of yet).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  • Yay! Teego, don’t go munching on yukky plants again!

  • I’m so glad he’s home safe! Stay out of the plants, Teego.

  • Everycat

    Teego we are very happy you are home again, you had a VERY close call there young fella. No more plant nibbling for you!

    Whicky Wuudler

    PS: Freya is only checking out Teego’s bum to make sure it’s Teego!

  • So glad that Teego is ok…..a HUGE bullet was dodged on this one!!!! Keep the plants OUT of the house! :)

    Teego is more important than a plant xoxo

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  • We are so happy that Teego is home from the stabby place and is recovering well. His furs will soon grow back so he is the handsome boy we know and love

  • Yay! Welcome back home, Teego! We knew you’d make it through with flying colours! You’re such a feisty little thing.

    So, please don’t go eating any more lilies — in fact, don’t eat anything that is NOT your food.

    I’m sure Freya will come around with time — after all that awful vet smell has worn off. In the meantime, sleep peacefully, little one!

  • We are very glad to hear that he is home and doing well.

  • Teego, you have a Badge of Courage!

    We’re so glad to hear you’re OK. Don’t worry about Freya hissing at you. We all smell weird when we get home from the VET. After a little while, you’ll smell OK again.

  • Owie! I felt so horrible when my kitty, Sele came home from the vet. from having her teeth cleaned and she had her little leg shaved too. I can only imagine the relief you must be feeling on having Teego safely home and healthy. We’re all so glad and Freya being the Norse Goddess of Love of course would want to sniff away 😉 Cheeky girl, lol..

  • WOO HOO!!! We are so glad to read Teego is well and home!!!

    I had “big paw” like that one time. It freaked Meowm out!~~Junior

  • 'Kaika

    So happy to hear that Teego is doing better and is home with you. Continued purrs …

  • We are so glad that Teego is OK. Purrs for his big foot… xxx

  • Sounds real scary. I am so glad to hear that Teego is going to be OK. Hugs and purrs for a speedy recovery.

  • Glad to read that all ended well with Teego’s “adventure.”

  • Erika, Ben-Bruno, Cookie & Lexi

    Teego – we are so glad you are better! Your poor leg looks so sore though :( We were all so worried about you,but knew you would be ok as your’re so young and strong x x

  • Teego
    Oh dear one we are glad you home!
    And we are so glad everything is GOOD!
    We saw your paw…oh my…we are glad to know that is going to be OK.

    purrs to you….

  • What a close call. So glad to read that everything is OK! Welcome home Teego!

  • sienna

    Glad to hear he is ok. My baby Louis ate a part of a Stargazer lily yesterday. We got him to the vet within the first 6 hours. We had no idea Lily’s were toxic!! Louis has a history of urine blockages so we knew it was critical for him to get help. $910 later, he is still in the hospital but has been urinating and his blood work came back good when he first got there. A year ago he got clogged and it boosted his creatine levels up to a 19. When the norm is under 3.0 I believe. His creatine levels were 3.4 last night.

  • My Boogie just came home from the vet yesterday afternoon. He ate only the smallest bit of a lily leaf (size of your pinkie nail) and threw it up. With all the concerns about lilies and cats we took him in. Both kidney values came back normal and he was allowed to come home. His brother is not happy… Hissing and growling because Boogie smells weird. Doctor said they would get over it in a few days… I have them in different parts of the house in the meantime so Boogie can rest. Glad your Teego is alright! >^..^<