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Update on Teego’s Condition

Teego was rushed to the vet yesterday for eating a deadly poisonous Lilly/Oleander

Hi everybody, Thank you so so so much for your Purrs said and Grrs! I called the Animal Hospital this morning, and they said that Teego had been absolutely fine in the night.

One funny thing was, she said “Is Teego normally quite a cranky cat?” Daddycat said “NO! Teego is the calmest sweetest kitty in the world!” He will usually sit there and just take anything that’s going on! Even when Freya’s using the Smacky paw of Doom on him, he just sits there and takes it!

Well, it seems he was a quite hissy when they were giving him his activated charcoal breakfast.

So he’s back to his home vet in about an hour, and they can do more checks on him, and the next update I get will be this evening, in about 10 hours from now.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments and support. I hope that this dreadful episode will remind other kitties how dangerous some plants and flowers are!

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19 comments to Update on Teego’s Condition

  • We hope that Teego will come through all this trauma unharmed and be back home with you soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  • Awww I’m glad Teego is holding his own!! Continued prayers from me Darcy and Gabriel

  • That is wonderful, we’re still sending lots and lots of purrs to sweet Teego!

  • We only just heard about Teego. He is very lucky that you rushed him straight to the vet. We are purring for him to have a full recovery.

  • Old Kitty

    Oh sweet Teego!!!! Me and Charlie continue to purr for you! You poor kitty!! Yay for being very spirited!!! Take care

  • Patti

    Still purring for you, little man. Stupid lily.
    Noodle & Olive

  • We’s just discovered your blog and was SO sad that Teego ate something that upset him. Our mommy cries and cries for us even when we get those things we hate called shots. We’s SO glad that you’re alright Teego. Maybe you should stick to catnip?

    Miss Bella and Sele

  • Oh we just read about Teego – we are so sad he ate something bad (that is one of our mom’s hugest fears), but oh we are so glad you are doing ok. We are going to be sending lots of purrs and prayers to be safe – and we are sending tons of them to all of you because we know this has to have you very stressed – so we are sending some calming vibes over too!

  • Thank you for the update! We are glad to hear that Teego is doing fine (we can certainly understand why he was hissy when they tries to feed him that charcoal … it doesn’t sound nommy at all!). We will keep on purring and praying until our pal Teego gets the clean bill of health, and is back home with you all.

  • I am so happy to hear that Teego is fine and this incident will soon be behind him with no really nasty aftereffects (not even the vet bill thanks to the insurance the humans have!). I hope he is home in short order.

  • We are very encouraged by your update on Teego!
    Mom doesn’t get live flowers anymore because no matter where she would put them some kitty would try to eat them, so flowers unforuntately were banned in our house….
    We will keep our purr motor on high for Teego.


  • Glad he is still doing well…continuing to send purrs.

  • Praying that Teego will continue to do well….sadly Lilies (Easter Lilies as well) are one of the most poisonous plants that there are.
    I just got rid of 2 plants tonight that I was unsure of for a long time (they have been here a long time) not worth the risk.

  • Oh my goodness Teego! I’m glad you are okay and hissing up a storm. I’m sure you still don’t feel well and relate that to where you are. Hiss away, as long as you are healthy again!! :).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  • We are so happy that he is OK!

  • Oh honey…get better. I would not be too keen on eating a charcole activated breakfast either.

  • Well, hopefully it will soon be tuna for breakfast instead of icky charcoal.

    Continued purrs for Teego!

  • oh, teego, you wee love! we is purrin’ an’ purrrayin’ that all will be well, an’ that yer crankyness is just a protest at not bein’ home an’ at bein’ fed what amounts to coal! daddycat, here’s some *headbonks* fur you–you did excellently well by yer baby boy.

    best fishes to you all–ed, nitro, xing, & igmu

  • we’s just checking to see how Teego is today. we’s still purrin