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Animal cruelty people caught and punished!

Back on 17th September 2010, the UK saw a shocking clip of some CCTV that showed some “people” dumping a dog by some grasslands, and then driving away, with the dog trying to follow them. The video shows the man getting out of the car with the dog, obviously excited to be going for a walk, and then you see the man running back to the car leaving the dog behind! As they drive away, you can just make out the dog going to follow them!

Well, the fantastic news is that Jenny Hadfield, 55, from Briary Court, Clayton Brook, Preston, and Michael Hartley, 54, from Daisy Meadow, Clayton Brook, Preston were discovered from their car numberplate, and charged under the Animal Welfare Act.

Dog Dumpers. Prosecuted.

The unwanted dog, a German Spitz Mittel, originally called Brandy was rescued by Woodlands Farm Kennels and renamed Ginger.

Ginger has since been rehomed, and is living in Southampton.

We don’t usually post goggie stories, because frankly, they’re dumb and they smell :-) but it’s just so lovely to hear of animal cruelty being taken seriously, by the law and the courts.

The couple were given a conditional discharge, and fined £100 costs, which isn’t much considering the dreadful act they committed, but their faces and names are now shamed all over the Internet for ever.

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15 comments to Animal cruelty people caught and punished!

  • WE are glad they were caught. We wish they were punished more!

  • Old Kitty

    Brilliant news!! Justice for adorable Ginger!! Me and Charlie remember this story and clip all to well from last year – it was awful and horrible!! We are so glad these “people” have been brought to justice! We are even more glad that sweet Ginger is now safe and loved. Take care

  • Oh, that video hurts my heart. I am so glad they found those bad, bad people and I hope all of their friends shun them!

  • How do people do this?
    This is an issue close to our hearts because all 5 of us were ‘dumped’ in one way or another and Mom says we were fortunate because of great home now, like Ginger is better off, but the act…oh we is so heartsick.

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  • Uh, we dogs really aren’t smelly. We remember that video and are happy to see the ones who did that have been caught and punhished.

    Buddy, Merci & Sam

  • I don’t even LIKE dogs and that video made me feel awful! I am glad those humans were caught. The law should be modified so that anyone convicted of this type of wrongdoing is prohibited from ever owning a pet again.

  • I firmly believe that there is a Special Place in hell for people like that!! Most of the cats in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde are/were rescue cats. We’ve only had a few who came from shelters. This is horrid!! I think people like this deserve to be subjected to the same thing they put their animals through… but worse.

  • I believes they should not be allowed to own pets anymores too. But with their faces all overs da TV, dat should fix em fairly good for a good long whiles.

    Still ….. my Humon says “Line them up against the wall and fire one round for me! If they will do that to a pet, think what they probably would do to another humon, even a child!”

  • Gosh~ I hate it when some people do that to an animal. :( Animals deserved the best too in life~

  • Some people do not deserve the privilege of having a dog or a cat.

  • Thank goodness for justice. Poor Ginger, I’m so glad that she got her furever home.


  • Erikam Ben-Bruno, Lexi & Cookie

    Thank goodness they were caught. We are glad Ginger has a good home now :)
    She looks really cute for a dog!! x x

  • I didn’t have to watch this. I just cried from the description. Why would anyone do this to an animal? It is beyond me. I am an equal opportunity pet lover so I love the doggies as much as the kittys. My dog and cat LOVE one another and I can’t imagine my life without them.

    This story reminds me of a show we have in Oz called Bondi vet where someone put their cat (in the cat cage) into Bondi beach to drowne. That was the last time I watched that show because I just cried buckets. The cat lived which was the great part of the story.

  • Everycat

    It’s great that Ginger now has a happy, safe home with a good human who cares for her properly. It’s not so great that this pair of excuses for humans got away so lightly. They should (and could have got) a ban on keeping animals too.


  • Glennda

    Good, these offenders are cruel to those helpless creatures.