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Fun things to do with your cat!

I’m going to do a few posts on fun things to do with your cat. Technically these are called enrichment activities, but I call them FUN!

I’m a Bengal Cat, and Bengals are very athletic, although I would dispute this. I think pesky baby brofurs are MORE athletic.

Cats are very energetic, and we are the most efficient predators on the planet, and toys that make us run around and hunt are great fun,We’re specifically built to chase and run and jump and pounce! So the sort of toys we like best are the fast moving ones. Technically, we’re ambush hunters, so that means we’re very skilled in sitting still too!

Playing with us helps to build a bond between us and you, as it strengthens the association with you and nice feelings! Not as much as giving us stinky goodness, but hey, you can’t feed us all day! (Well, you could if you wanted to!)

One of our favourite toys is Dabird. As soon as Dabird comes out, Teego will magically appear from wherever he is in the house, and lose all his dignity running and chasing it around the house. And if you don’t move it quick enough, he’ll lose interest!

We use DaShiney-thing as the fevvers in Dabird make Daddycat sneeze!

The other thing that has an amazing effect is the laser pointer – I’m sure everyone has one of those? Teego can be fast asleep, and you only have to move the chain on the laser pointer in the tiniest miniscule way, and he will WAKE UP VERY ALERT instantly, looking around for that pesky little red dot!

This is what we have in our toy box.

How many of our toys do you recognise? (you can click to biggify!)

Of course, the vast majority of these things we’ve only played with once and got bored, but I think Teego’s quite bewildered by the choice in front of him! Actually, he can be really sweet, when he digs into the box, and then pulls out one toy, and starts playing with it!

Next time, I’m going to show you some cool things with Puzzle-Feeders and Climbing Activities!

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11 comments to Fun things to do with your cat!

  • Wow, what a great box of toys! When we get too many, my human starts giving them away to a cat rescue. I guess that is a good thing, but still…

  • We all love the laser light! Most of us have no dignity.

  • You have lots of toys. We have a hard time sharing play time!

  • Old Kitty

    Yay for your many many toys!!!!! Charlie is crazy about his string! Take care

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen several of those toys in my own house. I should check under the stove, as that’s where 99% of the cat toys end up!

  • We have about that number of toys here too. Teddy tries to give them all equal time every day.

  • We like to rotate the toys in our toybox so they seem new again. It is funny to watch Harley dig through to pick out his favorite.

  • Wow, you sure have a great toy box! Moosey and Sammy love Dabird, too. :)

  • Dabird looks like fun! By far (meaning light years ahead of anything else), the most popular activity at the Casa is chasing the little red dot (laser pointer). Approximately 12.3 seconds after one cat starts chasing it, every critter in the house must join in.

  • Hi Freya! Hi Teego! We have missed seeing you when we couldn’t visit! We love this post – we think that it is super important to play with your cats! We think that DaBird is awesome – we have both the feathers and the sparkly thing and both are just so fun! And oh it is funny what you said about Teego with the laser pointer because some of us are the same way – Lola could even hear the click of the little button on the other side of the house!

    Have you ever tried playing with bubbles – they are so fun too, and if you haven’t you might like them. They can be a little messy but they makes kinds that aren’t as bad as the old fashioned ones (Kirzon and Lola remember that kind).

    And boy, you have a lot of toys – and we are like you with a lot of stuff – play with it once or twice and then never again!

  • Erika, Ben-Bruno, Cookie & Lexi

    WOW, you do have alot of toys! We have a bag of toys too but they all end up under or behind things and stay there for months!
    x x