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Pet Photos Day 5

This is the final day of our pictures, so I’ll have to go back to proper blogging after this..

We tried some action shots, but it’s quite a small room, and it’s hard to get a nice background.

This is a lovely pose – he’s reaching up really hard, and his mouth is doing something funny!

I love the shadow on this – it’s funny to see how different a pose Teego is doing compared to what his shadow seems to be doing!

These are for our friend Miz Robyn from Love and Hisses. Please feel free to pop a kiss on any one of these next four pictures! :-)

We’ll have to see how my profile compares to Daisy and Harley’s profiles.

I wonder if it’s because he’s a hunky mancat, but TEEGO STILL HAS NO NECK!

It’s funny – the shape of his face looks a little like Top Cat’s with the sticky out bit by his eye it’s not usually there, or at least we’ve not noticed it before!

This is the pose he’s been learning where he sits at the side of the street with a collection bowl for money in front of him.

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