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Pet Photos Part 3

Hi everybody! This is day 3 of our photo session – OK, there’s only 2 more days to go, and then you’ll have seen all the best pics!

This one really seems to capture the texture of Teego’s fur. the fur on his body is very different to the fur on his tail! Still, it all tastes the same when I’m nipping his butt!


The photographer said “look wistfully into the distance”. How did I do?


The photographer said “look like you’re dumb” How did he do? :-)


I look like a wild animal, having spotted a deer from afar across the plains. Also, can anyone work out what mug it is in the background? It’s quite a famous one….


Look at the little floofball! isn’t he cuuute??


His ears have gone really flat here! He loves his tall post!


The works not finished yet, little buddy – We’re only half way through!

See you tomorrow Friends!!


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18 comments to Pet Photos Part 3

  • We know that mug! Mommy has a framed print in the bedroom she likes it so much. Cat Fud indeed.

    We are LOVIN’ your week of photos. You both did very well following the photographer’s instructions.

  • Kas

    Hi Teego and Freya,

    My you both look superb. Teego you are so photogenic and we can see how much you like your toys. Great to catch up.

    Oh and the mug, is Gary Larson about a cat getting a dog to go into a wash machine. His cartoons are just the best.

  • I great dem photos. I likes you can keeps the eyes open when da flashy thing goes off in ya face.

    I do loves the first picture, an maybe the second, and the th …..

    I’m gone ….

  • Hi it’s me Homer. I think mommy is warming up the car to come over there and snatch you too. I don’t think she realizes how far it really is.


  • Teego, those are some pretty good photos of you! Shows off your handsomeness!!

  • Excellent photos! You do a god job posing!

  • Teego is such a handsome boy. And you are a wonderful photographer. We’re envious :-)

  • These are great photos, but I am beginning to feel a little ambivalent about them because they are making my human want to go out and take photos of other cats! Did I mention she was once a published rock photographer? She says that shooting rock bands was great training for shooting kitties. Me? I don’t think the world needs another cat photographer and she has enough work being my assistant.

  • They’re all wonderful photos! Plus, you guys don’t hide from the camera or turn away from it, unlike uh, well, us. 😛

  • Old Kitty

    Wow!! Freya -you are looking fierce and beautiful! And Teego is just so handsome and pretty – yes he is – look at his furrs!!

    Oooh the first thing we thought of was “Denis the Menace” mug!! But then that’s probably the human’s (i.e. me!!) bad eyesight!! Take care

  • “look like your dumb”…..hey that works! We like the tall post photo a lot.

  • The one with Teego on the scratcher is awesome!

  • i am TOTALLY in love with these cats. the pictures are just great and i agree with Daisy — Teego on the scratcher is wonderful — he takes such cute pictures. i’ll have to figure out a way to send you a picture of an orange cat that belongs to a friend of mine — he has the sad-eyed look down much like Teego. and hey just so you know, i went to Ginger Jasper’s post about the lion cut — it was great!!! thanks for sharing with me!!

  • Mommacat

    ahh my beautiful kits. i’ve loved looking at these pics while visiting grandmama cat and granddaddycat. i’ve missed you both so much! all my love and snuzzles mommacat x

  • sooooo adorable AGAIN!! Is the mug in the back a Garfield mug?

  • We love that tall post action shot — mighty hunter Teego! We love that Far Side cartoon … Cat Fud, oh please oh please… MOL!