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Pet Photos Part 4

This is day 4… They put the black velvet on the floor, and waited for us cats to get in the right position. and waited. and waited…. and waited…..  Silly humans! Don’t they EVER learn????


Freya’s just passed out from all the cute.

Yesterday, My friend Tamar from I Have Cat noticed that Teego looks a little crosseyed in some pictures. It’s funny, because sometimes he looks more crosseyed, and other times he looks less crosseyed.  Crosseyedness (That *IS* a word, cos *I* say so!) is quite common in cats and isn’t anything to be concerned about unless the cat has a disease of the vestibular system. (the vestibular system is something to do with balancing and inner ear sorta stuff.)

The Science Freya term is Strabismus. When the eyes point at the nose, it’s called medial or convergent strabismus, and when they point away from the nose its called divergent strabismus.

Who says you never learn anything here!

Anyway, if you *just* catch the light correctly,

and you squint a little,

tilt your head to the side at the correct angle,

you might just notice Teego’s a little cross eyed?



CLAWS. Need I say anything more? I wouldn’t want to be a mouse!


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11 comments to Pet Photos Part 4

  • Teego, you and Freya are the most handsome kitties. My mommy wants my pictures taken now..hhmmppff..thanks a lot.

    I wish I was going to the Royal wedding. It’s nice that your dad gets the day off. My mommy is going to set her alarm and we’re going to get up and watch it..and we’ll Tivo it just in case. I wish we lived closer, then the 3 of us could snuzzle..


  • #5 looks like Teego is trying to make a deposit on the cloth.

  • The great photos just keep coming … you two are so photogenic!

    Hey, we hope you were sure to leave your beautiful furs all over that black velvet. You *did*, right? :)

  • I think Teego’s mild cross-eyedness gives him more personality!

  • That black velvet looks very comfy. YOu fooled us with Teedo’s crossed eyes!

  • Old Kitty

    Awww me and Charlie think Teego is the most perfect and adorable gorgeous kitty with the sweetest face!

    These pics are beautiful too – we love how Freya is so relaxed she’s snoozing!! It’s a great idea to have this cloth as the dark velvet shows off both Freya and Teego’s lovely furrs.

    Yay for these fab pics! Take care

  • I think Teego’s cross-eyed-ness is very endearing and cute!

  • I agree with Daisy a zillion percent!!! XOXOXO

  • Erika Bruno Lexi & Cookie

    Hello Freya & Teego, well we didn’t like to say anything for fear of upsetting Teego, but we did think he was slightly cross eyed too, but it is very very cute. We especially love the pic where he really is cross eyed – hilarious!!
    They really are two wonderful cats with big personalities x :)

  • Glenn Sellers

    I don’t remember which video I was watching with Teego in it, but I do remember saying to myself, “Self, Teego looks a little cross-eyed.” Then, I watched a later one and said, “Hmm. He doesn’t look cross-eyed in this one. What the #%^$ is going on with this silly cat.” But, I am glad to know that his “crosseyedness” doesn’t bother him negatively.