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Chatzi the all-in Wrestler!

I’m sorry we’ve been away for such a long time, but Daddycat has had a very seriousĀ  attack of Man-cold. It’s nothing serious, but if you’re unsure what it is, watch this video about manflu. I don’t know if manflu is known in Americaland, so any women with husbands or boyfriends should watch this so they know how to handle it if it strikes!

In addition to this he’s also had a trapped nerve in his pelvis for the last two weeks too!

I wish the human VETs would shave patches in his fur, and stick thermometers up his bottom, and grab him by the scruff of the neck and inject him when he’s ill too!

So anyway, he’s crawled out of his deathbed to help me blog before you all forget about us!

Chatzi has been settling in very well. Better with Teego than with me it has to be said, but I’m slowly warming to him. I only growl now when he attacks me, rather than when he enters my room.

This photo was faked. There’s no way I would have allowed him anywhere near me without butting the bitey on him! Daddycat says this is how we were when he woke up one morning, but I dispute that!

(It hasn’t happened since though)

Chatzi and Teego are getting quite good friends. Well, as good friends as a crazy kitten and a cool tough guy can get. Chatzi is ALWAYS trying it on, and we’re often on edge as to when he’s going to pounce on us. I usually scream and give him the smacky paw-o-doom, and Teego usually fights back and then runs away and jumps on a high place, as Chatzi hasn’t figured out how to jump up very well yet.

Teego has shown such dignity with Chatzi. But Chatzi really pushes his luck sometimes. Here’s a sequence of pictures that shows Chatzi doing a full-frontal assault, that knocks Teego straight over backwards!

Poor little Teego!

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