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More about our new brother Chatzi!

We’ve been talking about our new brother… We got to meet him today. First of all Mommacat and Daddycat took Teego in to meet him, and he was quite well behaved. Teego hissed a couple of times at him, which in itself is unusual, as Teego is a VERY polite young mancat, and NEVER swears or hisses EVER. Teego sat on a little box so he was higher than Chatzi, and the two of them just looked at eachother for about 5 minutes, and Teego occasionally would very quietly growl under his breath.

Then Teego came out, and they took me in to meet him. Now if you’ve seen the film about when I first met Teego, You’ll remember that I have quite the potty-mouth, but I didn’t lay the smacky paw-o-doom on little Chatzi as I thought I’d give him a little chance. It wasn’t that I was scared of him or anything, but I went straight to the door, and wanted to leave the room. I wasn’t scared, he just smelt nasty, like little brothers do. Yes that’s it, of course I wasn’t scared!

He has amazing wild eyes doesn’t he? I think my friend Harley has been giving him lessons on sexy eyes!

He also has an unusual roundness to his muzzle, like the shape of a golfball! It’s hard to capture it in a photograph, but this is the best so far..

Overall, I think he’s pretty enough to be part of our family… But don’t tell him, we’re not gonna make it easy for him until he learns his proper place…. ok?

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