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Progress report on Kittie World War 3

So… A week has passed, and no work has been achieved in the Freyacat household.

In general, things are looking up. Unfortunately for Freya, Chatzie was not taken by The Rapture, although co-incedentaly, his name has something to do with the Bible.

His name was made up because it was similar to a town in Bengal, and the plan was for it to be unique on the internet. (Good luck with that!) After deciding on the name, we then discovered that there are plenty of other cats called Chatzi, and the name means someone who has visited Jerusalem.

If you search Google for Chatzi though, already the third and fourth items in Google are now Freyacat links!

So things are progressing reasonably well with us kitties. Daddycat has so far filmed SIX HOURS of footage of us meeting and interacting, and he’s very pleased with it, although it’ll take a long time to go through it all!

This week, We’ve both been visiting Chatzi in his guest suite, and he seems to have created some sort of bond with Teego – they’ve both been following eachother around in Chatzi’s room.  The funny thing is, that hours later, we often found Teego waiting outside Chatzi’s door! Even trying to get in sometimes!

Yesterday was the first time Chatzi was allowed downstairs to OUR area, rather than us going upstairs to him. Of course I wouldn’t let him near me, and he’s even not allowed to LOOK at me without a hiss! As soon as he saw me, he ran straight at me, sniffed my nose very gently, and I hissed straight back into his face! That showed him who’s boss!

We put up with Chatzi well enough, and he stayed out last night, and he snuggled up with Daddycat, went to sleep and behaved himself all night!

The morning feeding time was fun though!

I was so busy with my food, I didn’t notice that Chatzi was RIGHT NEXT TO ME! So when I noticed, I growled while I was eating! Everyone laughed at the funny noise I was making!

We have a routine here. I get fed first, while Teego sits on the bin, and as soon my bowl is down, Teego runs into the lounge with his food following closely behind, and he eats in there.

Of course, nobody thought to teach this to Chatzi, so as soon as my food went down, he TRIED TO EAT IT! I asked him politely not to do that, by screaming and hissing and whapping him.

While all the chaos of three cats all trying to eat some breakfast, there were some cats who were clearly trying to take advantage of the confusion!

Ho ho, how everyone laughed at our Kittie high-jinks!

Chatzi got fed last, at the other end of the lounge, and because he hasn’t learned yet, he had a little bit of food, and then wandered off. Now we’re too smart to do that, because if you leave any food, someone will eat it for you! So we both finished off Chatzi’s breakfast for him.

He’ll learn, soon enough!

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