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Purina gives 20 Pallets of food to Caboodle Ranch!

I’ve just found out that Purina, the cat food manufacturer has donated 20, yes TWENTY pallets of food and treats to Caboodle Ranch. If you’re wondering who Caboodle Ranch is, I did a story about them a while ago. If you can’t visualise how much that is, it’s pretty much a full articulated lorry or for Americans, I think it’s called a Semi trailer?

I’m really bowled over by their generosity, although to a huge company like Purina, 20 pallets is probably a drop in the ocean! Craig from Caboodle Ranch says it’ll last them a good 3-4 months, and about a year’s worth of treats.

It’s interesting that Purina should pop up on the radar again as last week the buzz on the internet was about the Purina cat chow correspondant. A part time job worth $50,000! And even more exciting was that our very good friends Tamar Arslanian from I have cat and Skeezix’s mom are both amongst the 12 finalists!!!

We mix with such celebrity friends, don’t we?

Anyway, could it be that this is the first instance of a big corporate actually “getting” the intenet and understanding it’s potential? What other instances can you guys think of where large bumbling corporates have actually understood what the potential of the internet is for FREE publicity and good brand image?

I suppose there are a lot of viral videos around now, which is a great start, but the internet is capable of so much more, and I’m interested in other examples…

So thank you Purina. I hope this generous act generates all the positive publicity you deserve. And you never know, if this works, maybe Craig will get another donation in around  months time!


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10 comments to Purina gives 20 Pallets of food to Caboodle Ranch!

  • That’s pretty good of Purina. At least one of them is doing something.

  • wow. That is very generous. Those caboodle kitties are very lucky indeed.

  • Wow that is so amazing that Purina did that – what a great thing for them to do. I honestly can’t think of any examples of companies doing things like this – it is kind of sad actually that you don’t hear it more often (or maybe I am just not paying enough attention).

    And wow I am behind so I had no idea that I Have Cat and Skeezix both are finalists – that is so cool!

  • Loki

    Thank you so much for your visit and I have missed you both a lot too. I agree Purina can do better.

    Thanks, my sweet Freya and handsome Teego, you guys are the best!

  • That is SO cool!

    I checked out the finalists for the correspondent gig… and I wish they ALL would get the job! I love Tamar and Skeezix’s human, and Catsparella too – but the ones I don’t know also sound like very cool cat humans!

  • That is so great for Caboodle Ranch! We know they appreciate Purina!

  • I think more companies than we think do this; eg Whiskas donates a lot of food to Battersea Dogs & Cats home for their cats on a continual basis, they may even feed all the cats there all the time, I’m not sure. I think that Pedigree Chum may do the same thing for the dogs?
    Also in my work with GirlGuiding I’ve found most large companies are willing to donate money to charity groups if you go through the proper channels.
    As for companies using the internet to the best advantage, the example my brother (who works in social media / digital marketing) always gives is the Threadless t-shirt company. But they aren’t large and bumbling…

  • Holy smokes! That’s really cool, and what a blessing for Caboodle Ranch!

  • christine filas

    I am a retired 60 year old female on a fixed income.I am feeding feral cats in the area that I live in in Illinois.Does anyone know of any company willing to donate cat food to a individual?