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7 facts about us

My friend Robyn from my favourite Blog, Love and Hisses gave me an award!

It’s the irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

We have to mention 7 random facts about us, and then pass it on, so because there’s 4 of us including Daddycat, we’re all going to share it!

I remember we’ve done something like this before, but we’re going to just answer it again and see if any of the answers are the same…



1. Daddycat’s first cat, Scampie was a Black Feral cat, who had a reputation for being a little er… “feisty”.  She was only like this with other people, and very rarely scratched Daddycat. She was fine as long as you understood cat body language. You’d be totally safe stroking her, as long as she was ignoring you. As soon as she started to take an interest in your hand, if you didn’t stop what you were doing, you’d probably get a nip or a whap. She loved to snuggle up with Daddycat when he fell asleep on the sofa, and she learned the word “kiss”, and would stand on her back legs to give him a kiss on command!


2. Teego is the worlds most cuddleable kittie. He has the softest fur, and it’s deep and luxurious and soft. To bury your face in his side is the nearest thing to heaven on earth.

He has the absolute cutest face, and recently has mastered the “I’m feeling so sad and unloved” look, and carries it off to perfection. This enhances his “most cuddleable” status immesurably.

In fact, there’s only one single problem with Mr Teego.

Daddycat is a world famous cat wrestler, and he can sometimes manage a 3 second cuddle on a good day! The subsequent hospital visit is worth every stitch and injection.

3. Little Miss Freya is the queen of the house. She gets to sleep wherever she wants, and has a beautiful nature. She’s a terrible scaredycat though, and has a thing about being picked up.

She loves to be held, and stroked and generally pampered, but she has a mental block about the picking up bit! If you don’t approach her right, she’ll scuttle away and hide under the nearest table so you can’t pick her up!

It only happens when she’s walking or standing too. If she’s lying down, she’s more than happy to be picked up!

4. Little Master Chatzi is…. he’s a….. well, I mean…how can I put this…. he’s so…..well, let me put it this way. It’s a good job he’s so GORGEOUS!!!

He’s everything a kitten should be. x10. and he’s fearless and stubborn on top of that too. I guess Bengals have a reputation for a reason! He’s still jumping on top of the kitchen counter, and every time, without fail, I will shout GET DOWN twice, and then push him off. You’d think he’d learn after two weeks, that I say it once, twice, and then he goes down regardless of what he wants to do! But no, he’s not bothered, and he’ll push back when I try to get him off!

We tried a water spray, but of course, Bengals LIKE water! :-)

It’s a good job we absolutely adore him!…

5. You know how Teego hates any sort of affection? Well, that’s except early in the morning… Around 6AM, he’ll sometimes wake Daddycat up with cheek-rubs! And he’s insatiable, it’s not just one, it’s non stop for about 10 minutes! It doesn’t come with a cuddle, but the cheek-rubs are so gentle, they’ll melt your heart, even if it is 3 hours before wakeup time!

6. Daddycat’s other business (apart from making films) is repairing computers. And do you know, he’ll exploit any opportunity to improve his company’s web search ranking! so, if you need any computer help or support on your computer in the Orpington or Petts Wood or Chislehurst Area, visit! Of course, it goes without saying, Kittie bloggers get everything for free!

7. We all have nicknames –

Freya’s are: Little Miss Freya, Freyzi-Fru, Sweetie-girl, Fruzie-woozie.

Teego’s are Mr Teego, T-boy, Slinky Malinky, NO BOY!, Mr Snuggly (wishful thinking)

Chatzi’s are Mr Chatzi, Shoutzi, STOP THAT!, GET DOWN!, NO BOY!, Mr Muscles, Hunky boy.

Well that was a lot of fun! So now we have to nominate some others…

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