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Amazing Free Giveaway Coming!!!

Today, we got VERY excited because a HUGE parcel arrived for us, from the lovely people at Hagen! They sent us some amazing pressies!

They want us to do a review of all their CATIT® DESIGN SENSES range, but especially exciting is that they sent us TWO of everything, so we can give one of each away to our readers in a competition! At the end of each review, we’ll tell you how to enter the competition to win a new boxed one!

We’d describe the range as being products to stimulate kittie senses, and this is such an important thing. Daddycat is a big fan of puzzle feeders, and home made toys that get us excited! Cats are very intelligent mammals, but we do get bored, so we really appreciate things that stimulate our natural behaviour such as scavenging and hunting.

We are very honest kitties though, so we’re happy to declare that we have received no payment for these reviews, other than the free products you see in the picture above, and we promise to be honest with our opinion. If we don’t like something, you’ll see it in the video, and we’ll tell you about it too. And equally, if we like something, we’ll definitely tell you too! We are under no pressure to give a favourable review.

Of course, Dumbo here was more excited about tearing the cardboard box to pieces instead of playing with the new toys!

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