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Chatzi is a Cyborg Cat!

Ok, this is official! Last night Mommacat was stroking Chatzi, and she felt something under his skin…

It was hard, and definately not something like a piece of rib, or hard skin or like anything we’d ever felt before!

She told Daddycat, and they both felt around on his back trying to find it again, once he found it, Daddycat cried out “EEEEEW! GROSS! I think it’s his microchip!” And now he’s obsessed with it – everytime Chatzi comes near him, Daddycat is straight onto his back, feeling for his microchip!

We don’t know what a microchip is, but we know it’s something to do with computers! So is Chatzi a SPY? IS he bugging our conversations, or even worse, Is he bionic in some way? Maybe he has circuitry to make him 10 times more annoying than a normal kitten?? That would certainly explain a few things, don’t you think?

This little bionic chip felt about the size of a pencil lead and about 2cm long!

We’re both getting  a little worried about him now, the other day, I saw him cleaning his face in the mirror the other day, and THIS IS WHAT I SAW!!!

ok, ok, we’re joking a little bit, We all know what a microchip is, but can any of you feel your microchip too? it’s really cool to be able to feel it under the skin!

This is what it really looks like… it’s the size of a grain of rice, and about twice as long!

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